Chevy Sonic Stunt Anthem 2012 Super Bowl Commercial : Awesome adrenaline rush performances by these modern day Evil Knievel daredevils and entertainers, as these stuntmen will keep you spellbound with their amazing performance after performance, using a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic to try and defy the Laws of Physics. Watch Rob Dyrdek and others achieve the first Sonic skydive, first Sonic bungee jump, first Sonic kick-flip, and play an ensemble of guitars, chimes and pianos to create the Sonic's first music video. This commercial was superbly choreographed against the backdrop song of "We Are Young" sung by the rock group "fun", creating a delightful visual & audio experience for the viewer.

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Chevrolet Sonic RS Rally Car
Krátké video z filmu Transformers 4 V hlavní roli Chevrolet Program: SonyVegasPro11.0 music: Go Hard or Go Home

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Rob Dyrdek Flips Chevy Sonic
It's a car stunt that would have impressed Evil Kenievel and saved James Bond! Watch as daredevil skateboarder Rob Dyrdek drives a Chevrolet Sonic like a skateboard! His extreme car stunt was very similar to a classic James Bond car caper from 1974's The Man With The Golden Gun. This is Chevy's third in a series of outrageous stunts for their new sub-compact Sonic.

Chevy Sonic - Stunts Skydive 3 HD
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