Wiesiek Mitsubishi Pajero OFF-ROAD !!!!

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Mitsubishi Pajero and Patrol Off Road
Mitsubishi Pajero and Patrol Off Road Please subscribe for more videos and check my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9EalgX5rRW1bXln8PMBtQ

Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 Extreme river crossing
Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 Extreme Tebra river crossing at high water level - http://4x4tourism.com Latvia. Spring, 2013.

Banja Luka off road 2010

ᴴᴰ !!NISSAN Y60 37" FULL POWER!!
Enjoy one of the worst video's on my channel :P please watch newer video's, they are way better! Nissan Y60 on 37 Inch Fedima Sirocco's 15 CM chassis Lift, removed 500 KG of body & Chassis :-) Engine is a 2.8 - 6 straight turbo diesel at 0.7 bar with a 3 inch Exhaust. Axles are H233B Nissan axles. This is one of the first times we 'tested' the Nissan, so excuses the crappy compilation! In this video there is a limited slip diff in the back. open front. Currently it has a welded rear, and LSD in the front, also fitted with a stronger nissan Y61 front axle. For all the treehuggers without proper thinking abilities, this car burns up around 30 liter of diesel a month, how much does your car burn in a month? Clips from playing in The Netherlands and Germany