Hayabusa shorty pipe

Hayabusa shortys

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Hayabusa Exhaust Sound Test GSX1300R - Vlog 60908
Stock mufflers vs No mufflers! How loud was it? Watch this video to find out!!! GSX 1300 R Hayabusa, busa

07 busa running on the Dyno on first tuning. Wheel slips due to the massive power,, and a little dirt on it. 170rwhp w/o ram air.

Hayabusa with Two Bros. exhaust shorty chrome...fly by's
Hayabusa with Two Bros. Exhaust shorty chrome...fly by's and Suzuki GSXR 750 poppin wheelies.

2006 suzuki hayabusa fly by, take off with voodoo exhaust loud in HD
Yes, I know it might be boring, but this will let you hear how the bike sounds from ALL different angles.. but just a rev, or single headon flyby. NO power commander.. but i upped the fuel by 2% at idle, 5% at 5k rpm, and 10% at WOT. bike is lowered and has street bike sounds speakers on it and yes, I do miss 2nd gear on the second flyby, i know :) 2006 suzuki hayabusa fly by, take off with voodoo Exhaust loud in HD