De Anza College Auto Tech

A short video about the De Anza College Auto Technology Program, that will go up on the De Anza College website (campus Virtual Tour)- And for more information about the Auto Tech program please visit - -shot with Sony HVR S270/S270N (HD 1080p)

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Balcony Pets Promo

Dallas Black Dance Theatre promo
Dallas Black Dance Theatre Commercial.

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No-Nonsense Nurturer Classroom
In classrooms in traditionally underserved communities, building strong relationships with students is fundamental to establishing a classroom culture where students are motivated to stay on task and achieve to a high level. • For many students in economically disadvantaged communities, having strong relationships with their teachers is a precondition for them to care about school (Valenzuela 1999; Brown 2007). • A large percentage of students report a sense of alienation from school, believing no one cares for them there (Jenson 2009). • More than ever, the old axiom "students don't care what you know, until they know you care" sums up the reality of reaching many of today's students. This course is based upon noted educator Lee Canter's study of the following critical question: What distinguishes teachers who can build the strong relationships needed to motivate their students to choose to get and stay on task and achieve academic success, from less effective teachers who struggle to help students achieve to the best of their abilities? Through his research he determined that the most descriptive term for highly effective teachers is "No-Nonsense Nurturers."