Toyota Yaris Hybrid Electric Drag Race

Two Toyota PR men partake in the world's first hybrid drag race. Full written review here: Exciting, and a quick, fun way to see the hybrid system in action. Filmed at the international press launch of the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid in Amsterdamm, 28th-29th May 2012. And please don't worry - the drivers were professionals, trained in taming beasts like the Yaris Hybrid. Do not attempt to drive the Yaris Hybrid in this manner, as you may do what they didn't do, and run out of talent.

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Revolution in the B Segment
Toyota Europe Vice President, Alain Uyttenhoven, introduces the revolution in the B-segment: the all-new Toyota Yaris Hybrid. To find out more about the all-new Yaris Hybrid, click here, Toyota UK latest news: Toyota UK Facebook: Toyota UK Twitter:

Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Footage

Toyota Yaris Hybride
Radio Reportage Wim Oude Weernink met rij impressie van de Toyota Yaris Hybride

Function of the Toyota HSD part II, drive a Toyota Yaris hybrid vehicle in a useful way
Done with the android app torque, running and logging on an android tablet PC, race render 2.9, an Liquid Image actioncam and a Toyota Yaris Hybrid Club. Is Video shows: Rpm, torque, temperature of MG1 and MG2; temperatures of the inverter IGBTs for MG1 and MG2; also the ratio and temperatures of the upper and lower IGBTs of the Boost converter; compared to vehicle acceleration, deceleration, braking and speed. The video also shows the SOC, voltage and current of the HV battery; during charging and discharging caused by, accelerate and decelerate or brake the vehicle. In this video is again a small offset between video and data, sorry for that. Logging is still much too slow:(. Soon a video of the Lexus CT200h will follow.