Twin Turbo LS1.... JEEP! WTF

htp:// ======================== Wow, they say they drop LS1's into everything, but this is just completely ridiculous. If you close your eyes, it sounds sick as hell, but when you look at that truck, it stinks of rice. WTF were they thinking with all of the mis-matched fins on the front end?

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Jeep XJ 5.3 v8

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1100HP JEEP SRT8 **Quarter Mile** INSANITY!!!
Enjoy folks! Famoso Raceway Slug Day 2011!

This badass Aluminum Armor-Plated 2010 Jeep 4-Door from Hauk Designs was one of our top 3 favorite vehicles we ran into at SEMA, after you watch this video I think you’ll understand why. The amount of detail and personal touches put into this Jeep are astounding. They are hoping to get the twin turbo LQ9 LS3 setup cranked up to around 800hp by the time they’re done with the tuning, the Jeep was just finished in time for SEMA. P.S. Sorry for not delivering on the machine gun firing turbos :P