Honda FMX 650 Test CDI Special MQ Tech- Discos de Avance

Probando los grados de avance del CDI FMX 650 con el util especial de MQ Tech, y luz estroboscopica

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Honda FMX 650 TEST CDI Special MQ Tech.mpg
CDI Special MQ Tech 46.1 cv (+) , rev 10000rpm mail:

Top Speed vmax Honda FMX 650
The title says enough ;)

Quick Air Filter Change Tutorial (Honda FMX 650)
This is my first Tutorial let my know what you think in the comment section!!

Honda FMX 650 Porn - City Ride
We had a city rideout with my mates and made a short Bikeporn of the nice Honda FMX. This bike is so unbelievable loud :D. Like and Share the video if you enjoyed it. Stay Awesome 💪 Song: Malaa - Notorious