Infiniti FX Vettel Edition, por las calles y carreteras de Mónaco

El Infiniti FX Vettel Edition nace de la colaboración de los diseñadores de la escudería Red Bull de Fórmula 1 y del propio Sebastian Vettel con Infiniti. El resultado, un espectacular SUV de aires deportivos, con un diseño que hace un guiño al monoplaza del bicampeón alemán, una potencia elevada en su V8 a 420 CV y un sonido impresionante,

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Infiniti FX Vettel Edition
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Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version
Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version spoted in Sozopol City, Bulgaria. Auto details: Topspeed - 250 km/h; Acceleration 0-100 km/u - 5.60 s; Power - 420 hp; Torque - 520 Nm at 6600 tpm; Weight - 2049 kg.

GEOX - Scream Challenge with Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team
Just how far would you go for a pair of shoes? GEOX and Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Team teamed up to give ten competition winners a chance to win the new GEOX collection. But only if they could endure a lap with Sebastian Vettel and Sébastien Buemi without screaming. For each scream - they lose a pair.    Click here to view the new GEOX Fall Winter collection. As official team partner, GEOX designs and supplies the Infiniti Red Bull F1 Race Team with driver racing boots and team track shoes.

SUPER RARE Infiniti FX Vettel Edition in London - Nice Sound!!
Don't normally film things like this, but thought this Infiniti FX Vettel Edition was pretty cool and sounded really good. It's one of only 150 worldwide cars so pretty rare too. What are your thoughts on it?