Cruising at high speed

Cruising at high speed. just a blop of the pedal and off we go. the sound of the webers fills the cabin. Also no radio in the car as it is worthless.

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Vw beetle tachometer - Part II
Tachometer installed in the panel. Look at Video Part I. *** PLEASE *** I'm looking for info about fifth speed for the VW engine. If you know someone or you have any tip about a fifth speed for this car, please let me know. Thanks.

vw volkswagen beetle 1776 1st - 3rd gear pull 1968
1776 with C25 cam-1.25 rockers-mild port40x35.5-stock crank/rods-40idf's daily driver.

Acceleration VW Beetle 1200 from 1966
Acceleration VW Beetle 1200 from 1966 on 4th gear.

1303 Drifting - SuperBeetles Only!