1996 The Pro Mods, DSF TV Channel, the first time at the Nitrolimpics in Hockenheim

Watch all the Elemination Runs, I (Rooferstoy) had luck against the Pro`s and finished the race as the runner up with my small 408 cid Shafiroff motor and a TH-400 transmission!

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Pro Mod AC Delco Chevy Milan MI 1990
Pro Mod AC Delco Chevy 1990 Milan MI presented by Main Event Entertainment with Jon Lundberg and Johnny Moto

1992 Doorslammer Action in Hockenheim
Watch fast Doorslammers at the Nitrolympics

1993 Drag Race Grossdölln
Watch some Doorsalammers on a former russian Airfield in East Germany.

Team Brunet (Snowhite) First Step at Napierville Dragway
17/04/2016 It's a 590ci 1000hp NA 1150cfm single, done by Scott Shafiroff, running at 60%.. after a few issue the car is starting to come alive!...We are especting a low 8s once at 100%..as usual Nic and Carl are working like Fire and Ice but allways seam to meet at the top :)) gotta love that!! btw it's the same chassis that Carl use to break the world fastest 4cyl whit in 2013... :)