Hyundai Accent finished the motor and more viewer mail

I know its making a terrible racket after I first fired it up, must have needed to get oil pumped up to the lash adjusters in the rocker arms cause its all kinds of quiet now, when you see it in the last section of video it is actually running, listen closely... also a great big thanks goes out to Jason aka Towrecker for all the nifty fittings

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2000 Hyundai Accent
This is my first car a 2000 Hyundai Accent. Thank you for the 1000 views.


Finding the problem on the Hyundai
I got the timing cover off and saw what was wrong with the Hyundai

Falla motor 1.5 Hyundai Accent
Al acelerar a veces corta y si se sigue acelerando se apaga el carro, bota humo blanco, se apaga en mínimo y moja bujias. El carro esta parado y se prende una vez a la semana debido a un siniestro. Actualización ya que se borro el comentario: El problema era el sensor MAF y las gomitas/retenes de valvulas.