MK4 Golf Rear Hatch Handle/Lock Cylinder

How the rear hatch handle works on a mk4 golf.

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Fixing a Non-Electrical Problem with MKIV Golf Hatch Lock
Sorry for the rambliness of this video, I just wanted to get this recorded while I was motivated to do it. I may do a shorter cleaner version later. I really hope that this helps some people because I can't be the only person who has assumed my problem was electrical.

03 vw golf lock cylinder housing disassembly and assembly tutorial.
Quick instructional video depicting how to disassemble and reassemble the lock cylinder housing from a 2003 Volkswagen golf drivers door, for cleaning or recoding. Process should be similar for other makes and models and identical on all mk3 Volkswagens. This is my first instructional video, hope it helps you out.

Mk4 golf broken trunk hatch release trick
Hey guys so my hatch release on my gti failed today and i spent a lot of time removing the hatch trim piece just to get the hatch to open. Removing this piece is easy if the trunk is open but closed is another story. Good news is that there is a shortcut to open the trunk that doesn't require cutting or removing the trim piece which i found out after struggling for hours removing it. Then once open you can remove the trim piece and fix the mechanism. Best of luck

VW Golf Mk4 Hatchback - Tailgate Lock Mechanism - Unlocking Problem
The lock on the VW Golf would open but wouldn't lock again. This video shows how the lock mechanism works on the Golf hatchback and how you can remove it for security.