Stage 3 S4 vs Lexus IS-F and SRT-4

Apr Stage 3, running 91 octane mode, weighing in just around 4200lbs

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Lexus ISF - Audi S4

Lexus ISF vs Corvette vs neon SRT 4
Riding in my friends srt4 heading towards tx2k13 night meet we spot some action a Lexus IsF A corvette and awesome footage!

BMW E60 M5 Madness Motorsport vs. Lexus IS-F
Konodfrey Drag Challenge Round II 1-2.09.2012 class RWD BMW E60 M5 Madness Motorsport vs. Lexus IS-F

"Left that Fuckin' Stang." Lexus ISF vs Mustang GT - No Spray Required.
I never do this......and i don't even think i went past 5 grand. Car redlines at 7. I had a redbull in my ballsack and wasn't expecting this. On my way to work. Drinking a RedBull. Changing Station to Howard Stern. Looks in Mirror. A Mean looking 'Stang weaving, trying to get with me says "light turns green, go" Tosses iphone 4s to Psyph. Psyph barely starts cam in time. 130lbs of BASS in the trunk. No NOS required. (bottle wasn't even open) I did not start this and i don't think im the coolest. Just had to handle business. Props to the GT.