2.9l Colorado with no exhaust

My buddy and I cut my cat off and ran my truck with no Exhaust for a while, then I just had the cat replaced with pipe.

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Straight piped chevy colorado 2.8L 4 cylinder 2WD before and after
Before and after straight piped

2.9l Chevy Colorado Exhaust
My 2008 Chevy Colorado 2.9l with Flowmaster super 44 series comparrison between tips and locations of tips.

2012 GMC Canyon straight pipe 4 cylinder
2012 GMC Canyon. 2.9L 4 cylinder, 5 speed. Factory Exhaust with QTP 2.5" cutout with remote transmitter (before the second cat) that then leads to a straight pipe and ends at a Pacesetter tip.

2009 Chevrolet Colorado 2.9L 4 Cylinder Cat Back Exhaust Replacement