Lexus IS300 SXE10 Crew Meet

SXE10 Crew RD 300 IS300's Copyright Edwin Beard 2012 FACEBOOK: Educational Purposes! Music : Earthquake by Labrinth Ft. Tinie Tempah 2nd Gen Cluster Thread on my.IS Featured Kits in video: Chargespeed (Harold Tejada) HKS D1 Aero (Francisco Vasquez & Manuel Santamaria) Vertex (Oliver Feliz & Domingo Morel) TRD Neo (Johan Lapaix)

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is300 2jzgte
Amazing Lexus Is300 2jzgte Jop Car quebec city Music : Alesso - Years ft. Matthew Koma Liens vimeo :

Kurgan Altezza City Drift
Kurgan Altezza City Drift 2012

SXE10Crew dyckman meet
Originated in the Dominican Republic, Sxe10 crew dedicates their passion for the car lifestyle through their Lexus IS 300's. Yes, they are only a car club for 300's. They have only been rolling thru the streets of New York since Summer 2011. Taking it all the way back to DR, this crew shows how to really modify the first generation Lexus IS/Altezza's the right way. They are never seen rolling alone due the strong team unit they stand for. Welcome to New York City guys! Did we forget to mention the fun you can take out of a rear wheel drive car?

STRAIGHT PIPE 2JZ racing a 630HP Z06
VLOG 020 What UP!!! Fixed the little issues I had around Boost, so now it's pulling cleanly! Right around 16lbs. on E85 and it should be somewhere near 600hp. In this vlog we do some log pulls, Pirooz heads over and welds on a MF straight pipe which sounds absolutely TITS, and there is a lot of turbo NOISES AND BoostING!!! FUCK!!!! Shoutout to the fans that came around and said what's up while I was driving around Brentwood an Oakley!! Comment below if I should add Cam's Evo and Dan's C6Z to the review list!! And if you know WHO OWNS THE R34, link them!! I'd love to race that shit.. hahaha Actually just film it tho! LET ME KNOW!! TAG EM!! MUSIC: Feel Good x Gryffin, Illenium Ft. Daya Angels x Chance The Rapper Thanks for watching homies!! KEEP SHARING!! INSTAGRAM: @NEEEKD