Redesigned Lexus IS heads to Detroit auto show - Autoweek TV with Rory Carroll

Quick, name the game pieces in Monopoly. There's the racecar, the battle ship... then maybe an oil derrick... Anyway, just like Disney announcing that this is your last chance ever to buy The Emperor's New Groove on Blu Ray, Hasbro has announced that one of the game pieces from Monopoly will...actually if you look at the Monopoly Facebook page, it looks like each of the current game-pieces have been charged with a crime, and maybe are going to prison. Naturally, everyone is freaking out about saving the little metal things that they might never come into contact with. Why do we care? Because there's a racecar, and it must be saved. Save the race car: Nissan has announced that its Detroit auto show booth will have its own funky fragrance. According to their press release, which is pretty hilarious by the way, they're hoping that spraying the booth with a "distinctive fragrance" will create a "complete experience for visitors." Have these people ever been to the Detroit Auto Show? Like, on a non-press day? When it's busy, it's like standing in the men's bathroom during the seventh inning stretch at the old Tiger stadium. Sardine cans afford you more personal space. But yeah, we're sure that Nissan booth is going to be just like a luxury hotel. For more details on Nissan's Detroit auto show stand: Finally, Lexus released photos of their new IS sedan this week and it looks like it's melting. It also has a Nike logo under each headlight. We read the press release, but Lexus didn't say whether it would be made in sweatshops by seven year olds, or when they'd start using the slogan "Just do it." Maybe we'll get some driving gloves that make the Lexus sign when you do this. For more details on the Lexus IS: Anyway, that's the news. We'll be back here tomorrow with more, but until then, check out our related videos on and Youtube. As always, enjoy the drive.

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