Police Chase - Suzuki SV1000S vs Swedish Police

Swedish police chasing a SV1000S -04. The rider was arrested in his home and pleaded guilty which was a stupid thing to do. In Sweden you have no obligation to give information who was riding your bike. The police must prove you were riding at the time and that is almost impossible if you use a helmet. If you think this was an SV650, use https://www21.vv.se/fordonsfraga/ and you will find out.

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Yamaha R1 vs Police (SAAB 9-5 Aero)
*** EDIT: The officer driving the police car was later sentenced to pay a ticket, 19.000 SEK (€ 2000 // $ 2850). The reason was he didn´t obey order to abort pursuit and he didn´t had the permission to cut the bike off.*** Video from Sweden. An unmarked police car chases an Yamaha R1 -01. Seems like the police doesn´t use their sirens. The driver of the police car was later charged for not obey order. 6.34 he receives the order to abort the pursuit. And yes, the guy on the R1 didn´t have the skills to keep the speed up!

ghost rider deguisé en flic poursuit une R1

Uppdrag Granskning - Sporthojar del 1
Uppdrag Förvanskning om motorcyklar på Bogan. Vinklat och en hel del faktafel, givetvis.

Southern California Police Chase (May 15, 2017)
A man was shot to death by police after a chase ended in the Paramount area Monday afternoon. Authorities said the chase began in South Gate on Atlantic Boulevard at about 12:45 p.m. Two suspects, a man and a woman, were in a white van with red rims driving erratically. The suspects pulled behind a target store, jumped a fence and attempted to flee on foot while carrying bags. The man was spotted running down railroad tracks near the 2300 block of E. Artesia Boulevard. The man appeared to put a black glove on one hand, then pull something out of a bag. That's when police shot and killed him. A woman was seen being taken into custody in the area, but authorities have not confirmed if she was the second suspect. No officers were injured during the incident. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is assisting the South Gate Police Department in its officer-involved shooting investigation.