BMW M5 F10 Exotic Sounds by Meisterschaft Valve Exhaust System

Vivid Racing has gotten some more juice out of our BMW M5 F10 V8 twin turbo with a Meisterschaft catback Exhaust with dual sound capabilities. The all stainless steel Exhaust features monsterous 3 inch piping and optional matte black tips. The valve system lets you switch between race mode (loud) and street mode (quiet). View this and other Meisterschaft Exhausts here - Make sure to LIKE US on Facebook - Video by

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Tuned BMW F10 M5 with Full Turbo-Back Armytrix Exhaust | FULL THROTTLE!
For pricing & more info on this system visit or email From the factory the BMW F10 M5's 4.4L V8 Twin-turbocharged engine puts out 560HP and 502 lb-ft, while that may be enough for some, we wanted MORE! To do this we fitted this M5 with a complete Armytrix turbo-Back Valvetronic Exhaust System and ESS Stage 1 ECU Software Flash to take it up to over 700HP!! Now that's some serious performance from a 4-door saloon that can rival supercars, but still haul the entire family comfortably! All of the parts showcased in this video & others are available at or by contacting a Vivid Racing Sales Specialist Open M-F 9am-6pm MST 1-866-448-4843

IND F10 M5 Dyno - Eisenmann Race Exahust & Gruppe M Intake
Music by Epic Score IND's 2013 F10 M5 on our Dynojet Dyno. More info about this car here: -source

E60 BMW M5 Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust with Section 1+2
Meisterschaft provides GTC (EV controlled) Exhaust systems for Euro Exotic vehicles. and here is the Sound comparision (WOT): Silent closed mode vs F-1 open mode. Enjoy ~~~

F10 M5 Meisterschaft Full Exhaust Sound Clip
A 2013 Alpine White F10 M5 fitted with the Meisterschaft 4x102mm (Round Split) Super Light GT Racing (90 mm) Exhaust and Full Cat-Back Bolt-On Pipe (LXR, 90mm piping) revving in front of our shop.