BMW M5 F10 Exotic Sounds by Meisterschaft Valve Exhaust System

Vivid Racing has gotten some more juice out of our BMW M5 F10 V8 twin turbo with a Meisterschaft catback Exhaust with dual sound capabilities. The all stainless steel Exhaust features monsterous 3 inch piping and optional matte black tips. The valve system lets you switch between race mode (loud) and street mode (quiet). View this and other Meisterschaft Exhausts here - Make sure to LIKE US on Facebook - Video by

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IND F10 M5 Dyno - Eisenmann Race Exahust & Gruppe M Intake
Music by Epic Score IND's 2013 F10 M5 on our Dynojet Dyno. More info about this car here: -source

Tuned BMW F10 M5 with Full Turbo-Back Armytrix Exhaust | FULL THROTTLE!
For pricing & more info on this system visit or email From the factory the BMW F10 M5's 4.4L V8 Twin-turbocharged engine puts out 560HP and 502 lb-ft, while that may be enough for some, we wanted MORE! To do this we fitted this M5 with a complete Armytrix turbo-Back Valvetronic Exhaust System and ESS Stage 1 ECU Software Flash to take it up to over 700HP!! Now that's some serious performance from a 4-door saloon that can rival supercars, but still haul the entire family comfortably! All of the parts showcased in this video & others are available at or by contacting a Vivid Racing Sales Specialist Open M-F 9am-6pm MST 1-866-448-4843

F10 M5 Meisterschaft Full Exhaust Sound Clip
A 2013 Alpine White F10 M5 fitted with the Meisterschaft 4x102mm (Round Split) Super Light GT Racing (90 mm) Exhaust and Full Cat-Back Bolt-On Pipe (LXR, 90mm piping) revving in front of our shop.

Arab Hamann BMW M5 F10 w/Akrapovic Exhaust - Start and Driving scenes
An Awesome Hamann edition BMW M5 F10 driving on the streets of London. This year the Arab supercar invasion has brought two to the streets of the capital but this particular one is fitted with an Akrapovic Exhaust system. The sound it produces is beautiful as there is a slight whistle from the Exhaust. In this video you will see a startup and some driving scenes. Please do comment, like and Subscribe to JBB013 for more.