3.8 V6 Twin turbo Genesis Coupe finally in action!

Not the best quality of video but you get the idea. It will be going on the Dyno for ECU tune sometime next week.

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Tuning 3.8 GDI V6 Turbo Genesis Coupe w/Tomei Titanium exhaust
turbo kit's 3.8 V6 kit. 8.3psi. AEM Water Meth kit. Custom fitted (by SFR) 3" Tomei Titanium Exhaust (for 2.0T). 402whp on Heartbreaker Mustang Dyno.

Incredible 1000 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe by Bisimoto Engineering
This highly modified Genesis coupe takes on the half-mile for the first time. Careful because this Genesis does bite back, watch and find out why.

SFR ECU Reflash for Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6
Dyno comparison of before and after ECU reflash

Genesis Coupe 3.8 Stillen Exhaust
Exterior View, First revving and first gear hard accel. Then steady and first gear gradual accel. Followed by revving from the front. Stillen Dual Exhaust AEM Intake SFR Tune *** Tail lights are Superlux!