Dodge Neon - Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Replacement of the front driver's side wheel bearing on a 2001 Dodge Neon. This video Covers the following areas: Removing the Caliper and Rotor Removal of the Knuckle Assembly Pressing out the Hub and Bearing from the knuckle assembly using an Hydraulic Press The use of a Bearing Splitter

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Pressed wheel bearing replacement (without a press...)
The bearing is 24 years old and has 155 000 kms. It was quite easy thanks to a "special" trick. No press used : ) and the only annoying task was to remove the outer race with a hammer and a chisel.

What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?
A bad wheel bearing can be pretty loud.

How to Remove and install front wheel bearings and hub assembly Dodge Neon
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!! Here is a quick video on how to remove and install a front wheel bearing on a Dodge Neon. You will need to first jack the car up, remove the wheel, remove the brake calipers, spindle nut ( you will need to use a pry bar and a cheater bar, remove the outer tie rod, ball joint then steering knuckle which houses the wheel, now unless you want to go to autozone/advanced autoparts to get a wheel bearing press and hub bearing puller. You need a table with a vice holder to hold the hub in place. Just take it to a machine shop NAPA will do it at 50 dollars a side, I gave it to one of my guys at a machine shop at 70 dollars total.

Front wheel bearing replacement - Removal and refitting step by step
How to remove and replace a front wheel bearing without a press. All stages of removal and refitting step by step : hub removing, wheel bearing extraction, bearing refit, hub refit. Front hub carrier bearing replacement Auto, automobile, car, vehicle maintenance tools parts accessories engine mechanics do-it-yourself diy tutorial tuto This video does not constitute or replace a real specialized technical manual, and was only made ​​for convenience and educational purposes. "TutoBuild Eng" makes no warranties of any kind and accepts no liability. "TutoBuild Eng" cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to devices or persons using information contained in this video. The use of the information contained in this video is at your own risk.