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Pá carregadeira 616 B

Pá carregadeira 616 B Valdinei da Costa ( 67 ) 9826-6780


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Pá caregadeira SEM 616
Pá carregadeira SEM 616 em Corumbá M.S! Maiores Informações ( 67 ) 9826-6780 Valdinei Martins

SEM - Pá Carregadeira 638

Pá carregadeira Komatsu WA 1200
Leleu Frazão Carregando caminhão fora de estrada com minerio com a carregadeira komatsu modelo WA 1200. E uma caregadeira muito rapido no caregamento, agio e pratico

SEM 616BQC com Cabeçote de Corte TMO
Pá Carregadeira SEM 616B QC com Cabeçote de Corte TMO - Feller Buncher ------- Contato para Venda: Alisom Sousa (41) 3333-1500 ou (41) 8801-9989. alisom.sousa@supertek.com.br / www.supertek.com.br

Liebherr Crawler Loader vs. House -- Old School Demolition
Liebherr 621 Crawler Loader vs. House. Watch the demolition of an old house with a Liebherr 621 Front End Loader. We knocked this one down "Old School Style". All our excavators were busy on other demo sites so we hauled our Liebherr 621 Loader over to get the job done. The 4 in 1 bucket really crushed the debris and this machine turned this house into a pile of rubble in no time. This demolition project was performed on 17 October 2011 on the south side of Charlotte, North Carolina. Total time required to demolish the structure was approximately one hour. If you require a licensed and experienced demolition contractor in the Charlotte Metro Area, visit http://www.wcblackandsons.com/demolition.html to learn more about our company and how we may be of service to you. Note: For best viewing experience, watch on full screen in 1080p. If you enjoyed this video, please visit our YouTube channel to view additional videos from us. Also, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL to be notified of new videos we post!

Máy xúc lật Liugong CLG816

pa carregadeira fazendo curva de nivel
asp terraplanagem fazendo base larga para colheita com plataforma 25 e 30 pés

Pá carregadeira SEM 659 C trabalhando em Mato Grosso do Sul com carga de 10.000 kg
Platina Importação e Comércio de Peças Ltda EPP Pá Carregadeira Marca SEM 659 C ,trabalhando no carregamento de FERRO GUZA em Mato Grosso do Sul !!! Mais Informações sobre nossos Produtos Ligue : + 55 ( 67 ) 3045 - 4700 +55 ( 67 ) 9101-5653 +55 ( 67 ) 8130-0679 +55 ( 67 ) 9957-7818 Avenida : Manoel da Costa Lima , 101 Bairro : Ipiranga Cidade :Campo Grande M.S

Pá carregadeira Caterpillar 966R
Pá carregadeira Caterpillar 966R. Mais informações do lote em: https://www.webpesados.com.br/lote/504 Data do Pregão: 12/05/2013, 20:00 Maiores informações do leilão em: http://www.webpesados.com.br/leilao Saiba como participar: http://www.webpesados.com.br/landing/conheca-o-leilao

Pá Carregadeira FL938 da FOTON.mp4
A Cosermaq Comércio de Máquinas Ltda é uma empresa com 20 anos no mercado e vende máquinas da FOTON para os estados do RS e SC, oferece carregadeiras de 1m³, 2m³ e 3m³ e escavadeiras hidráulicas de 6, 14 e 22 ton. É só entrar em contato conosco através do telefone (51) 3337 46 64 ou (51) 9257 21 65.

Trator Pá Carregadeira Loader Liebherr 574 Hidráulica - Controle Remoto RC
Acesse http://newshoprc.mercadoshops.com.br/ e conheça nossos produtos. Produtos de ótima qualidade e de uma realidade impressionante. Escala de 1:16.

2011 John Deere 444K articulated wheel loader for sale | sold at auction May 9, 2013
SOLD! Construction Equipment Auction This asset was for sale and sold for a contract price of $93,500 in an absolute, no-reserve Internet auction by Purple Wave on May 9, 2013 View a detailed listing of this item at http://purplewave.co/E5860 2011 John Deere 444K articulated wheel loader 479 actual hours John Deere Tier III four cylinder turbo diesel engine 124 HP Electronic transmission Differential lock Enclosed cab AC and heat AM/FM/CD Air suspension seat Front and rear work lights Ride control system Block heater Hydraulic quick attach Model 4442STD 100"W bucket 2.5 cu. yd. capacity Serial 1932444 17.5R25 tires Soft foam-filled 24,372 lbs. base operating weight Serial 1DW44KZCBD637008 It was located in Kansas City, KS, and we sold it to the highest bidder for $93,500. Purple Wave makes all auction prices available on our auction results page at http://www.purplewave.com/sold


Conterrânea Máquinas: Pá Carregadeira LiuGong 816 - ASSÚ/RN

616B Earth Mover.MPG
Main Specifications Rated Load Capacity 1,600 kg Operating Weight 5,360 kg Bucket Capacities 0.8 - 0.9 m3 Overall Dimension L*W*H(mm) 5389*1980*2795 Engine Rated Gross Power 47 kW@2400rpm Model Yituo4105G Stage 1 Bore 100 mm Stroke 120 mm Displacement 4.33 L Peak Toque 258 Nm Operating Specifications Max.Rim-pull 49 kN Breakout Force 48 kN Full Turn Static Tipping Load 32 kN Hydraulic System Model Machanical Control Pump Flow-Implement Pump 45.83 mL/rev System Presure Setting 16 Mpa Hydraulic Cycle Time Raise 3.71 s Dump 1.3 s Lower(Empty,Float Down) 2.54 s Total 7.55 s Steering Steering Angle Left/Right 36° Minimum Turning Radius Over Rear Tire 4335 mm Minimum Turning Radius Over Bucket 4746 mm Axle Brand FeiCheng Front Fixed with Calipers Rear Fixed with Osc. Frame with Calipers Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall Oscillating ± 12° Brake System Service Brake Dry & calipers , Air to oil control Parking Brake Drum type shoe brake , Spring applied & air released Transmission Brand Shantui ZL 15K3 Type Countershaft , power shift Travel Speed Forward 1 6 - 8 km/hr Forward 2 20 - 24 km/hr Reverse 1 6 - 8 km/hr Reverse 2 20 - 24 km/hr Service Refill Capacities Fuel tank 80 L Cooling System 20 L Engine Lubricating Oil 12 L Oil for Converter and Gear Box 21 L Differentials and Final Drivers Front 8 L Rear 8 L Hydraulic Tank 50 L Tires Size 16/70 Layer 20 Textured Type L3/E3 Air Pressure Front 250 kPa/ Rear 210 kPa

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