Old rusted cars, junkyard in the woods, Oregonia Ohio 2011

59 Impala, and some other unknown forgotten old rusted cars found in the woods, an abandoned junkyard near the Jeremiah Morrow bridge, Oregonia Ohio 2011. If you like old rusty cars and trucks, forgotten junkyards, and other neglected machines and vehicles, make sure you check out my channel for more automotive video, racing videos, car crashes, cars on fire, jumping cars into ponds, act: http://www.youtube.com/c/DragTheEarth

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Tallest bridge in Ohio, Jeremiah Morrow construction project 2011
Tallest bridge in Ohio, rt 71 both and south at the Jeremiah Morrow bridge highway construction project 2011. This is a video of what is going on underneath the bridge where you can't see while driving by overhead. The Highway crosses the Little Miami river near Oregonia, Ohio and Kings Island. This video was created December 2011. Check out my channel for more local videos from Oregonia Ohio including the Devils Staircase hill climbs, canoe Kayak trips beneath this very bridge on the Little Miami River and more: http://www.youtube.com/c/Garag3

GMC Topkick 6500 huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway
GMC Topkick 6500, huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway. Of all the cool custom trucks and cars I saw at this crazy event, this was my favorite truck, this thing was a monster I had never seen before! If you like big huge diesel trucks, black smoke, heavy machinery and other unique automotive vehicles, make sure you check out the GARAG3 for tons more close up videos: http://www.youtube.com/c/Garag3

Lexion 585 R Heavy Farm/Agricultural Machinery, Ohio 2015
Check out this brand new piece of hardware for the farm, Lexion 585-R, Heavy Farm/Agricultural Machinery for sale, Ohio 2015.

Dodge Ram 2500 turbo Diesel truck, BMF rims and wheels
Dodge Ram 2500 turbo Diesel truck, close up walk around, BMF rims and wheels, lifted hauling machine owned by Money Mike, transporting their OSR Bikes trailer to their racing events like the Nhdro and tracks including Lucas Oil Raceway.