Old rusted cars, junkyard in the woods, Oregonia Ohio 2011

59 Impala, and some other unknown forgotten old rusted cars found in the woods, an abandoned junkyard near the Jeremiah Morrow bridge, Oregonia Ohio 2011. If you like old rusty cars and trucks, forgotten junkyards, and other neglected machines and vehicles, make sure you check out my channel for more automotive video, racing videos, car crashes, cars on fire, jumping cars into ponds, act: http://www.youtube.com/c/DragTheEarth

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This is part 5 of 9 of a vintage junkyard tour, including a look at some old Trucks, Jaguars, Fiats VWs, Corvairs, Barracudas, Studebakers and Roadrunners

Abandoned Tennessee Classic Car Junkyard - Forgotten Vintage Cars
Hidden in the hills of East Tennessee is a this small abandoned classic car junkyard. There are about 40 cars scattered about awaiting rescue. VintageAutoGuide.com MyMopar.com

Amazing back woods ohio junkyard part 1 -3
I have been going to this junkyard all my life thought i would take you all along with me. As i look for a fender for my 1965 American Rambler Part one of three

Memory Lane Junkyard
This place I came across down the road from me has a ton of old cars. These are just a few sitting in the woods. There is about 200+ cars, but these are just 1/4 of the ones sitting in the woods. There is atleast 100 sitting in the woods, the rest are behind a chainlink fence behind a house. I call it memory lane junkyard because as you are going down the road, you begin to see cars on the side of the road and up in the woods. They start out old like cars from the 30's, then the farther down the road you go, the newer they get, 30-40's-50's-60's-70's and yes 80's . newest car I saw was a Mercury Lynx.