Old rusted cars, junkyard in the woods, Oregonia Ohio 2011

59 Impala, and some other unknown forgotten old rusted cars found in the woods, an abandoned junkyard near the Jeremiah Morrow bridge, Oregonia Ohio 2011. If you like old rusty cars and trucks, forgotten junkyards, and other neglected machines and vehicles, make sure you check out my channel for more automotive video, racing videos, car crashes, cars on fire, jumping cars into ponds, act: http://www.youtube.com/c/DragTheEarth

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This is part 5 of 9 of a vintage junkyard tour, including a look at some old Trucks, Jaguars, Fiats VWs, Corvairs, Barracudas, Studebakers and Roadrunners

French Lake Classic Auto Junk Yard Tour by The Mod Zoo & Mnpctech.com
The Mod Zoo Munkys join Bill Owen from Mnpctech in exploring one of the best Classic Auto salvage & Junk Yards in the United States. "French Lake Auto Parts, Inc. is located 60 miles west of Minneapolis and St. Paul in French Lake, Minnesota. We have over 100 acres of cars and trucks ranging from 1900 to present and in all makes in models. Specializing in older vehicles. FLAP, Inc. a world leader in the automotive recycling industry has been family owned since 1956. Specializing in classic auto and truck parts from the 1920 to the present." "Last Friday, I went to one of my top five favorite places: French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) in Annandale, Minn. This 100-acre salvage yard always has a great selection of early iron that ranges in the thousands of cars, and the inventory is continually changing. Owners Floyd and Skip Nolan keep unearthing new stashes of vintage tin, so the rotating inventory requires frequent visits. Throw in the yard’s popularity and it also means that if you find a 1957 Chevy or 1941 Ford in the yard like your vehicle back home, be sure to get all the parts you need while you’re there, because the car may be gone by your next visit. My visit was extremely successful. I found some parts for my 1981 Impala coupe that I had been searching for over the past several years and some 1962 Cadillac parts. Unfortunately, all of the 1955 Cadillacs I had previously picked parts off of were gone, but Skip assured me there’s a huge cache of mostly complete cars dating from as far back as the 1930s and up to the 1960s on its way to French Lake. I’ve learned my lesson and will be headed back very soon to check out the fresh vintage metal in hopes of finding a “new” ’55 Cadillac. The photos below show some of the cars present during my visit on May 10, 2013. There are some shots of cars in the main part of the yard that are getting as long in the tooth as a 1950 Buick grille (thankfully), as well as some of the cars (mostly Mopars and postwar Packards) that were part of a recent 250-car acquisition of project vehicles and a few parts vehicles." - See more at: http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/blogs/under-the-hood/french-lake-auto-parts-50 s-finds-galore#sthash.y7WPZbnz.dpuf

This is part 6 of 9 of a vintage junkyard tour, including a look at some old Trucks, Jaguars, Fiats VWs, Corvairs, Barracudas, Studebakers and Roadrunners

Old cars & trucks in the Maine Woods - P1490237.MOV
I took a walk with my camera and found these old cars and trucks that have been abandoned for a long time.