99`V92 C.mov

This is one of 2 Victory's I own. This V92C has 402 Andrews cams and Sampson drag pipes also to keep the fuel right is a PowerCommander3 unit.It gets up fast and I highly recommend puttin` the cams in...it wakes up the motor!

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V92TC with D&D slip ons.
My last video was kind of terrible...not sure if this one is any better. At any rate, the sound of the pipes at idle. I have a installed: a vented airbox, stage one download, and cut the end of the pipes down about three to four inches as they were very long. They sound great. I love them.

Victory V92C
My 2000 Victory V92C,still a work in progress......


Victory Vision Oil Change
This video shows the perfered method of changing the oil on the 2008 Victory Vision. For more information on the Victory Vision please visit http://www.Vision-Riders.com