99`V92 C.mov

This is one of 2 Victory's I own. This V92C has 402 Andrews cams and Sampson drag pipes also to keep the fuel right is a PowerCommander3 unit.It gets up fast and I highly recommend puttin` the cams in...it wakes up the motor!

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V92TC with D&D slip ons.
My last video was kind of terrible...not sure if this one is any better. At any rate, the sound of the pipes at idle. I have a installed: a vented airbox, stage one download, and cut the end of the pipes down about three to four inches as they were very long. They sound great. I love them.

Dave Archer's 1500cc Victory
Daves custom 1500cc Victory bike. All work done by Dave Archer at Spolied Sports, Ontario. Sorry bout the video changing angle, was taken on a mobile.

Victory Vision Oil Change
This video shows the perfered method of changing the oil on the 2008 Victory Vision. For more information on the Victory Vision please visit http://www.Vision-Riders.com