Michael romping on his poor little 1986 isuzu pickup

well mike took his little 4x4 truck out in his field full of pot holes ruts and trenches and kicked out some nice donutes

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Ignition : Spotlight on the monstrous 'Isuzu Momo' pickup truck
Conventionally, in Kenya, the pick up truck is used for ferrying farm produce or to transport all sorts of products to different points and most are loved because of their off road capabilities. But Isuzu has opted to take it a notch further and made a pick up truck unlike any other in the country, a monster truck, one that can quite literally go any where with ease. On our weekly segment, Ignition, our reporter Faizal Ahmed focuses on the monstrous, Isuzu Momo

1991 Isuzu Pickup
My First Truck, 1991 Isuzu Pickup 5 Speed Manual, 2.6L 4 cyl Regular cab

4g63 Isuzu Pup Truck - World's Fastest, Nick Stack - SUPERCUT
World's First and now FASTEST 4G63 Isuzu Pup All races from the day 1 troubleshooting and finish wiring at the track to most recent 5th time out with a new best and engine trouble. More footage to come with some cool suspension shots and in truck vids thanks to gopro. Backstory: Nick Stack pulled the engine from his 8 second 1g and decided to build a truck. Spent last few months pulling this thing together and hundreds of hours over the last few weeks finishing the chassis at T.C. Fabrication. 4g63 Isuzu Pup Full back half 35R turbo Powerglide EcmLink V3 FIC 2150's Magnus RWD intake New England Dragway Epping, NH 5/15/2015 - 6/3/2015 www.uRaceIfilm.com - Drag Race Videos www.FB.com/uRaceIfilm Drag Race Videos, Import Drag racing, Muscle car drag racing, street racing,enduro racing, auto racing, how to's, parts reviews, turbo, all motor, Nitrous, supercharged, dsm, honda, acura, ford, chevy, mopar, nismo, jdm, toyota, mitsubishi, nissan, gtr, eclipse, talon, laser. *Royalty Free track provided by: http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe

ISUZU D-M@X pickup 4WD 3.0 TD 4x4 off road
Val D`isere 2009 ISUZU D-MAX pickup 4wd 3.0 TD