my cj7 amc 360 v8

after long and hard work its nearly complete this is the 2nd upload off this video the 1st had a backtrack copyright issue

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BLEENJEEP 1985 Jeep CJ 360
1st attempt at starting 360, starts on 1st try!

Visual History American Motors Corporation
Born out of a merger and consumed by Chrysler, American Motors live on in memory!

1st time ever on rocks with my jeep
Ive never touched rocks before and this was a pretty tame pile. Ill be the first to say i sucked!! Open front and rear diffs and one point bumped out of 4wd. Then the logs were even worse, my wheelbase sucks for those. 3:54 gears and 33"s arent a good crawl combo the process of gearing to 4:56. AMC 360 makes the pretty sounds...

Jeeps Climbing
Richard climbing soft sand/rock in his stock CJ. Steve's V8 CJ doing some climbing and driving through tight canyons.