my cj7 amc 360 v8

after long and hard work its nearly complete this is the 2nd upload off this video the 1st had a backtrack copyright issue

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1986 Jeep CJ-7 - AMC 360 V8 - T176 - For Auction on eBay!
Listed on ebay...item number 200378587090. Here is a link:

Hot Rodded 1981 Jeep CJ-5 with AMC 360 V8 - Too much fun
*This video is old, needs to be updated. The engine/drivetrain has been vastly improved since this video was filmed.* My daily driver 1981 Jeep CJ-5 with a .030 over AMC 360 V8 with a little bit of work done to it. Edelbrock 600cfm Performer carb Edelbrock Performer Intake CompCams 268H AMC camshaft with matched timing set Stock ignition system for the most part Everything else is explained in the video. Filmed on a high 20 F degree day. This Jeep is too much fun and the AMC V8's are very strong motors. This one has about 6,000 miles on it since the engine rebuild. The speedometer is accurate give or take 2-3mph, checked with a GPS. The T176 is a great transmission and has never skipped a beat. I've wheeled it pretty hard and put it through some hell on the street and at the strip with several tire size/gear combinations. 3rd gear redlines at about 90mph with the current setup. I've never really gotten much into 4th gear. For you guys who have shown concern regarding the suspension, steering, etc... It has all been refurbished/upgraded to stock/better than stock condition. It drives very well, straight and true down the road and is almost nothing like the stereotypical CJ when it comes to its road manners.

82 Jeep CJ-7 w/ ~300hp AMC V8, 6.5" Lift, 35s and Lots More
Here are a couple drive-by shots and revs after the Exhaust is all tightened up w/o leaks, as promised. Just screwing around w/ friends...AMC V8 POWER! :-D Enjoy! More videos coming soon - gonna get some trail videos ASAP. Difficult when the economy is how it is and I'm out of work...besides, wife and our little one keeps us busy, too. Specs on the Grand Cherokee and Samurai: (More Than Whats Below - Too Much to Type) The one not filming has the 89 Suzuki Samurai: -RR SOA Suspension Lift --Adjustable Rear Shock Mount -Custom Rear Suspension --CJ Front Springs in Back --Custom Missing Link Shackles -Calmini 2" Shackle Reversion -3" Body Lift -Stock Axles --3.73 Gears --Open up Front --Lock-Right w/ Heavy Springs in Back -31x10.50 Swampers on 15x8s -Doug Thorley Header -Weber 2bbl -Stock Xfer-Case --Crawler 5:1 Kit --15% Lower High -Custom Front Bumper --3,000lb Winch (Truck Only Weighs 2500lbs Loaded) -Custom Rear Bumper (In the Works) The one filming has the 96 Grand Cherokee: -6.5" Lift w/ RE Coils\Shocks and Clayton Long Arms\X-Member -35x12.50 on 15x10 Street-Locks -Dana 44 F/R --4.88s --Aussie up Front --Open in Back -318 Swap -NP231 w/ SYE -Tom Woods DS F\R -ARB Front Bumper (Modified) --Custom JK Fog Light Integration --8,000lb Warn Winch --Hella Black Magic Fog Lights -KOR Rear Bumper -Wheelbase Stretched to ~110"

1979 CJ7 Jeep with AMC 360 V8
Restored CJ7 with swapped in AMC 360 V8