lions kill cheetah (Nat Geo Wild)

two male lions kill a cheetah

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Black Mambas 07, Mamba vs Lion
Website: Facebook: Google: Africa’s most feared snake, the elusive Black Mamba, holds the record for being the world’s longest venomous snake, averaging around 10 feet in length, and sometimes growing to lengths of 15 feet. It is as well the fastest snake in the world, capable of moving at 10 - 12 mph (16–20 km/h). The Black Mamba is not named for the color of its body, which is usually a shade of grey. But for the highly pigmented interior of its mouth, which it shows at a threat display. Many people fear that the black mamba will actually chase and attack humans unprovoked, and there are evidences to support such concerns. Regardless, attacks on humans are surprisingly rare, more people die in Africa due to bites from cobras and other venomous snakes such as the puff adder. Black Mambas feed meanly on small mammal, reptiles and birds but it has been observed, that snakes sometimes prey on animals that are to large to devour. In this video I filmed how a hungry black mamba can across a dead lion. Without any hesitation, the mamba attacked the lifeless body of the lion, striking twice before trying to swallow the enormous carcass. Black Mamba vs Dead Lion was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in 2009.

Lion vs bull Elephant Crocodile vs Elephant Lion vs Hyena Lion attacks Animal Nature Wildlife Safari
Lion vs bull Elephant. Crocodile Attacks Elephant Lion vs animal Male lion, Hyena, buffalo caught on camera. Lion Attack Hyena. Most amazing wild animal attacks compilation caught on camera. Documentary Nature & Wildlife compilation Music: Volatile Reaction Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

17 fous combats d'animaux capturés à la caméra - les plus incroyables attaques d'animaux sauvages
17 fous combats d'animaux capturés à la caméra - les plus incroyables attaques d'animaux sauvages