Sound Performance Built 350Z Twin Turbo on E85

Randy Rey's 350Z with Greddy Twin turbo kit, ProEFI 128 standalone ecu, and Brian Crower 272 cams. 581whp @ 18psi on 93oct pump gas 686whp @ 25psi on E85

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SP Dyno - Ray's GReddy Turbo Scion FR-S - 241whp 208wtq 9psi
241whp 208wtq @ 9psi on a GReddy turbo kit with a Delicious tune

Alec's ECUMaster 6262 CEA Bolt-On MKIII Supra Dyno - 563whp 536wtq @ 26psi
509whp 456wtq @ 20psi 529whp 498wtq @ 24psi 563whp & 536wtq @ 26psi on the Stock block, stock cams SP/PTE Bolt-On 6262 CEA turbo on the factory Exhaust manifold Treadstone Intercooler w/ 3" piping (stock cross-over intake manifold) SP 4" turbo-back Exhaust Clutch Masters FX400 STREET clutch ECUMasters EMU Standalone on E85

Sleeper Big Block Oldsmobile Dyno @ SP
Throwback Thursday vid of this sleeper (no numbers, sorry!) Video from July 2014

Fast Cars @ SP 3 - 2JZ Supra vs. Turbo LS1 vs. V10 Viper
What's your pick? Video from March 2015