Sound Performance Built 350Z Twin Turbo on E85

Randy Rey's 350Z with Greddy Twin turbo kit, ProEFI 128 standalone ecu, and Brian Crower 272 cams. 581whp @ 18psi on 93oct pump gas 686whp @ 25psi on E85

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The Car that Will Not Die - Nitrous Nissan Sentra
Cut into a convertible and sprayed with dry Nitrous shots on 87 octane. Enjoy!

Bob's MSB ProEFI 6870 3.4L VVTi Supra - 962whp 847wtq @ 30psi
After a color change from white to anthracite and a completely different motor, it's safe to say this thing is a different beast! Exhaust back pressure was through the roof. We'll be trying a bigger A/R turbine housing next. 828whp 642whp @ 20.5psi 894whp 780wtq @ 25psi 962whp 847wtq @ 30psi (~67psi EBP) Garage Built & SP Tuned! Accelerated Performance Machine Work HeadGames Head Kelford VVTi D cams Precision 6870 CEA GEN2 DBB 1.00 A/R Shark-Fab Exhaust Manifold SP Quick Spool Valve Twin TiAL MVR Wastegates Twin TiAL Q BOVs HKS 4" Ti Exhaust Hypertune Intake Manifold Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors Walbro 416lph in-tank primary pump Magnafuel 4703 2500HP secondary pump RPS Triple C/C Clutch/Flywheel ProEFI Pro128 Flex Fuel Standalone EMS

Steve's MSB ProEFI 6766 Supra Dyno - 840whp 783wtq @ 34psi
Induction Performance Built Motor GSC S1 cams Precision 6766 CEA SP turbo Manifold mod'd for twin wastegates Titan Street Intake Manifold RPS Twin C/C Clutch/Flywhel ProEFI Pro128 Flex Fuel Standalone EMS

Josh's RSP ProEFI 6870 Supra Dyno - 1053whp 857wtq @ 34psi
711whp 568wtq @ 17psi 803whp 584wtq @ 20psi 988whp 814wtq @ 29psi 1030whp 811wtq @ 32psi 1053whp 857wtq @ 34psi Precision turbo 6870 CEA GEN2 1.00 A/R SP F1 turbo Kit w/ Quick Spool Valve Twin TiAL MVR Wastegates (recirculated) HKS 4" Ti Exhaust ID2000 Injectors Hypertune Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Titan Built Long Block Video from January 2015