Running On Lithium: Electric Ford Cobra vs. Subaru Impreza RS

Michael Kadie and John Wayland are racing their electric cars on a Saturday night at Portland's International Raceway. Full documentary launches Sept. 8th 2015 on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play!!!!!

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This Electric E36 Makes 850 lb/ft of Torque at the Wheels! - /TUNED
EV West isn't like other electric car builders. They aren't trying to save the planet from gasoline emissions, they are trying to build race cars using electric technology for events that can best use that technology. The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, with a total driving distance of under 20 miles at very high elevation, is one of those events. We take their Pike's Peak M3 to the Dyno to find out what 400 Kilowatts means in horsepower, then to see how it drives.

Electric Shelly Cobra
Yet another example of an electric car that mainstream manufacturers say won't be possible for years. Funny, seems to run just fine in this video.

EVGT-40 All Electric GT-40 Replica with Lithium Ion Battery Pack
The EVGT-40, an all electric car was built by Andrew McClary from a 1968 Fiberfab Valkyrie, a replica of a GT-40. The car is powered by a Warp 9 DC motor and a 36kwh lithium ion battery pack. It has a top speed of around 130mph and 120 mile range on a charge. The car has a 0-60 mph speed of around 4 seconds.

Warp Factor III Electric Drag Car
Runs at an unofficial airport. Put a nice show on!