Skywind Review

I review Skywind the Mod that crashes your game :D It's much appreciated if you guys subscribe.

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Skywind (Morrowind mod for Skyrim): My thoughts
Skywind (Morrowind mod for Skyrim): My thoughts Screenshots seen in this video are those posted on the Morroblivion site linked below. Find out more about this incredible project here:

Skywind World Trailer [HD] An early video of the armor: Apologies for any screen tearing, the editor I used wasn't great. Music by ViolinTay and Lara6683 of Youtube. Original music video here: Also credit to Anruin and the Project Andoran Team for the creation of the converter

Skywind Imperial Legion Quest (WIP)
A decent amount of stuff here (like the redoran architecture and clothing/armor) is still WIP. Also due to the lack of navmeshing in the mine all the npcs are in the wrong place. When there's navmeshing both the ghost and the orc you fight will be in their proper places. If you want to see more updates like this be sure to join us on Discord:

skywind mainquest playthrough
i crashed and it ended, ll do sequels later.