New Built 440 Six Pack Engine: Tuning And Analysis On The Dyno

This is a newly assembled and completed engine project. Brought it to the performance shop for Break-in, tweaking and to measure horsepower/torque. Engine specifications are as follows: ENGINE SIZE: 44O BORED TO 493 C.I. horsepower: 615 606 PNDS OF TORQUE @ 4700 RPM BORE: 4.350 STROKE: 4.150 ROD LENGTH: 6.760 COMP. RATIO: 10.25 CARB: HOLLY 6-PACK INT MNFLD: EDELB. 6-PK CYL. HEAD TYPE: EDELB PERF RPM VALVE SIZE: 2.19 X 1.81 VALVE SPRG.: 928 CC PORT FLOW INTAKE: 314@.600 Exhaust: 257 @ .600 HEADER SIZE: 2" BLOCK USED: "66" 440 PISTON: CUSTOM ROSS CRANK USED: MOLNAR TEC 4340 CAMSHAFT TYPE: SOLID FLATTAPPET BRAND: CAM MOTION LOBE CENTER: 111 LOBE LIFT: .379 Many more specs. but this gives a pretty good picture of what this engine is made of.

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1969 Roadrunner 440 six pack Dana disc
We finally finished this super nice1969 Road Runner, this is a full nut and bolt rotisserie resto. We started with a super straight and solid 1969 Road Runner, we took the body down to bare metal and started from scratch. Underside of the car has been coated with a rubberized bed liner for sound deadening and protection from road debris. Then we painted the top side with a really high quality base coat clear coat Black paint, we put on extra coats of clear so we would have more material to wet sand and buff to that show car finish. We put disc brakes on all four corners, tubular upper control arms and upgraded PST suspension parts. The engine is a beefed up 440 that is pushing 500 plus horse power with the 6 pack set up on it. We installed a 4 speed transmission, with a pistol grip shifter.

440 six pack with mopar 292 cam
My 440 .030 over with TRW 6 pack pistons and Mopar old 292 cam grind. 906 heads with some port work and larger Manley valves. Blueprinted by Larry Shepard in Akron Ohio.

(HD) Epic Sound - Dodge Super Bee 440 Six Pack
One of the best American V8 Sounds i´ve heard in my life ! What do you think ? Rate, Comment or Subscribe, Please

1610 WHP Big Block Chrysler
Built and Tuned by Steve Morris Engines