Ford Focus RS tuning by Wolf Racing auf der Automechanika 2010

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FORD FOCUS RS TUNED @ Tuning World Friedrichshafen. See the German fair trade Tuning World. Experience which are the top cars at Tuning World. If you love an tuned sports cars The Tuning World is definitely the place to be!!! Tuning World is held every year and takes place in Friedrichshafen / Germany. HOMEPAGE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MAILING LIST: Music by Chikara Blue (available at iTunes!) produced by: E. Martin Winzer camera: E. Martin Winzer music: Chikara Blue (available @ iTunes!) motion design: Christina Käsmayr (intro) machinima: Bernhard Drax @ (intro)

Wolf Racing FORD Focus RS Allrad with 440 PS
Wolf Racing FORD Focus RS Allrad with 440 PS. Visit:

Ford Focus RS tuning by Wolf racing
You want more power for your Fous RS? Wolf Racing to the rescue! They modified the hothatch and gave it 360hp and 559 Nm! High-res via

Ford Focus Rs Monsta
Short film of The start of my cars progress. Soon to be Mapped by Twelve21 Tuning