Pimp My Ride UK - Ford Capri

Pimp My Ride UK [Season 1 - Episode 5] - Sean Egan's Ford Capri

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Pimp My Ride Tribute Video
previously uploaded on my old account, the514, as the name says, its a tribute including some of pimp my rides moments throughout

The links are dead (have to reupload)
VideoWeed video 1 link: VideoWeed video 2 link: Buy @ http://www.espnclassicshop.com/Cars/Kit-Cars/WHEELER-DEALERS--FORD-CAPRI-1- 6-LAZER-DVD.aspx Due to copyright issues YouTube removed the videos but you can see them at.

Opel Kadett Cabrio 1.6i - Pimp My Ride International
Pimp My Ride International, TV Series, 2006 1990 Opel Kadett [E] Ep. 1.06 (http://imcdb.org/vehicle_197025-Opel-Kadett-1990.html) http://imcdb.org/movie.php?id=974970 Full 20 min. video (from russian MTV) http://youtu.be/lEm9yYxQHrY

Pimp My Riot Van Part 2
The newest addition to life at XLP is one of our most exciting projects to date. The new state-of-the-art mobile recording studio will be deployed as part of our work in schools, communities and the performing arts. We have been lucky enough to team up with MTV, EMI and the Metropolitan Police to produce a one-off show for MTVs Pimp My Ride, in which old cars are completely transformed into amazing new vehicles. An old riot van donated by the Metropolitan Police has been customised to house a top of the range recording studio and music technology centre. The vans interior includes a separate vocal and instrument recording booth, Pro Tools and Apple technology, and a high-quality speaker system.The outside boasts a motorized basketball hoop, built in plasma screen, and innovative ultraviolet graffiti wall. With such brilliant technology XLP will be able to further extend its support to school music departments, and run recording and podcasting projects in the community.