1974 Mercury Comet

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1974 Mercury Comet 2 Door Sedan / Car Ads
1974 Mercury Comet with an original 5.0 Liter 302 cid Ford Engine. Mustang Disc brake conversion, Classic Cragar wheels and Stardust blue paint.

1974 Mercury Comet Four Door Sedan ZH022213
This was an auction car, and there was another like it, oddly enough, at the same auction. Seldom do you see these cars, never mind in this condition! Even the compact Comet and its twin, the Maverick, had nice interiors. This car would have been a great little grocery getter, with the occasional trip to keep everything oiled.

1974 Mercury Comet Commercial
The Mercury Comet was Mercury's version of the Ford Maverick. As with all Mercurys of the day, it too came with more standard equipment then it's comparable Ford brother. The Comet was available with a very nicely styled interior. It did have a more European feeling than any other Ford car. It saw a significant sales increase in 1974, 125,000 cars build versus the previous year of 85,000 cars. This can be directly attributed to the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 and resulting Gas Crisis.