1974 Mercury Comet

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Ford Maverick, Mercury Comet TV Commercials
A couple ads from the 1970 Ford Maverick ad compaign, and a little extra bonus with a 1973 Mercury Comet ad (cameo by a Cougar friend). Great rare old commercials! Thanks to dmhines from mmb.maverick.to

1976 Mercury Comet
'76 Comet got a original ford engine it a 250 straight 6 cylinders hooked on a c4 3 speed automatic transmission.... some body damages which ppl doesnt know how to drive they always hit me n runs away so soon ima install video recording cameras will triggers with the alarm so watch out ill catch yo ass.....

1974 Mercury Comet
FOR SALE. Detailed interior look into the car

1974 Mercury Comet
250 inline 6. Good driver