Official Suzuki Hayabusa Video

2013 Hayabusa video here!!

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Test drive: The new Suzuki Hayabusa
Click this link subscribe to motorvision for more! FACEBOOK Google+ Twitter Channel Motorvision test drives the new Suzuki Hayabusa - with a real expert: Elmar Geulen aka "Mr. Hayabusa".

Audi R8 meets Suzuki Hayabusa in Jaisalmer
The Audi R8 takes on the Suzuki Hayabusa across India's fastest roads in Rajasthan. An Overdrive Exclusive!!!

Hayabusa Official 2013 Video
The iconic Hayabusa is improved for 2013 with a number of refinements, plus Brembo Monobloc Calipers and ABS.

Suzuki Hayabusa Loudest Exhaust Contest. India Superbike Festival 2014 Bangalore.
I visited a Motorbike Show, known as ‘India Superbike Festival 2014 Bangalore’. They had a contest, known as ‘Loudest Motorbike Exhaust’. I was very highly disappointed seeing how badly the engines were abused by their owners. They were opening the throttle flat out and the engine RPM was hitting the REV Limiter, which made the engine cry. Anyone with any technical knowledge or any care for motorbikes would never rev the engines in such a harsh manner. India Superbike Festival 2014 Bangalore - Suzuki Hayabusa - Loudest Exhaust Contest.