SoundRacer V8 in a Mazda Miata / MX5

Demo of the SoundRacer V8 in a Miata

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SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator from ThinkGeek YouTube

SoundRacer V12 - Cadde
SoundRacer sesini araba dışında duymak isteyenlere... +90-216-411 11 33

Toyota Aygo Muscle Car, with SoundRacer
I've upgraded my 998cc Toyota Aygo into a V8 muscle car! That must not have come cheap. Well... it was! Its all done for the small price of somewhere around $20. Muscle car?! Toyota Aygo? In other words, I just recieved my SoundRacer V8 module, posted to my work address... and what better way to test it whilst driving home ;). I'm officially afraid that this SoundRacer is gonna cost me some speeding tickets. cause the volume is addicting. Even if you don't like the sound... this is my first try... I'll tweak the baby with more settings or by following the many tips in the manual and online. Enjoy my new Toyota Aygo Muscle Car!

SoundRacer V10 Review with English subtitles
This is the first Dutch review of the SoundRacer!! We tested the V10-version of the Swedish SoundRacer and we are really impressed. But only when you driving beneath 3000 rpm. For a written review of the SoundRacer you visit our website!