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Ride the Virginian EL-2b Electric Locomotive

you are riding 1:29 scale Virginian Railway of class EL-2b Electric locomotive powerful of 8 motor block by Aristo-Craft, riding around loop on Tooele Valley and Erda Western.


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Virginian push snow
1:29 scale EL-2b Virginian electric locomotive pushing the deep snow with the snow plow.

Rare locomotives meet on the Western Maryland???
A meet was set up by WMC for the photographers with some pretty rare stuff. A BL2, FA-1 (cab control) and an A-B set of F's, all in WM paint.

(HD) Classic West Coast Electrics at work
Now available in 1080p HD! Since electrification was completed in part in 1960 and fully in 1974, the West Coast Mainline from London Euston to Glasgow Central has featured some of the greatest diversity in Electric Locomotives in the world. Since the Class 81 locomotives rolled out of British Thomson-Houston's in Birmingham in 1959, the line has seen the following classes operate routinely along the route: - Class 81 (AL1): Designed by British Thomson-Houston, 25 examples, 100mph mixed use AC electric locomotive, in service 1959-1991 - Class 82 (AL2): Designed by Metropolitan-Vickers, 10 examples, 100mph mixed use later ECS AC electric locomotive, in service 1960 - 1987 - Class 83 (AL3): Designed by English Electric, 15 examples, 100mph mixed use later ECS AC electric locomotive, in service 1960 - 1989 - Class 84 (AL4): Designed by North British Locomotive Company, 10 examples, 100mph mixed use later ECS AC electric locomotive, in service 1960 - 1980 - Class 85 (AL5): Designed by British Railways' Doncaster Works, 40 examples, 100mph mixed use later freight only AC electric locomotive, in service 1961 - 1992 - Class 86 (AL6): Designed by English Electric, built at Doncaster and Vulcan Foundry, 100 examples, 110mph mixed use now freight AC electric locomotive, in service 1965 (- 2004 Passenger) - present (Freight) - Class 87: Designed by BREL Crewe Works, 36 examples, 110mph mixed use later passenger AC electric locomotive, in service 1973 - 2005 (see further use in Bulgaria) - Class 90: Designed by BREL Crewe Works, 50 examples, 110mph mixed use AC electric locomotive, in service 1987 - 2003 (West Coast Passenger services), 1987 - present (West Coast freight and other operations) Today the locomotive hauled days of the West Coast Mainline are now a memory as the mass introduction of the Class 390 tilting Pendolino units and the Class 221 Super Voyager units saw an end to many of these are working classes of locomotives. Thankfully, due to the hard work of enthusiast groups, many of these locomotives continued to be a frequent sight on the WCML on tours and preservation runs, reawakening the former glory days of these magnificent machines: - Class 81 - 85: Currently there are no operational examples in preservation although the AC locomotive group plans to return these locomotives to working order with a hope of seeing these return to the mainline. - Class 86: Freight operator Freightliner currently has 14 operational locomotives on its books and continues to be the only operator of the Class 86's in revenue earning service as of 2013. In preservation, the AC Locomotive Group and Electric Traction Limited currently own 5 locomotives (86401, 86101, 86701, 86702 and 86213) whilst private owner Les Ross owns a single example (86259). A recent report by ETL has stated that it has pulled out of mainline operations, leaving its fleet with the prospect of either scrapping or export. This will result in 86259 being the only mainline registered and operational Class 86 at work on the WCML outside of the Freightliner examples. - Class 87: Of the fleet of 36 locomotives, 3 are currently in preservation. 87001 now resides at the National Railway Museum, 87002 is owned by ETL but following the 2013 report it is expected to be sold to Bulgaria and join its fellow surviving classmates on freight duties there, and 87035 currently resides as a static exhibit at the Crewe Heritage Centre. - Class 90: Class 90's continue to be frequent operators on the WCML running the Caledonian Sleeper service from London to Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as working freight operations with DB Schenker and Freightliner. All other examples that formerly worked for Virgin West Coast now carry out operations for Greater Anglia on the Great Eastern Mainline whilst many former Railfreight Distribution examples reside at Crewe International Electric Maintenance Depot in long term storage. With that said, sit back and enjoy 20 or so minutes of non-stop AC Electric action!

Finnish electric locomotive Sr1 / Sähköveturi Sr1
Finnish electric locomotive Sr1 Sr1 is the first electric locomotive of Finland. Maximum speed is 140 km/h. It has continous power rating of 3100 kW, one hour output of 3280 kW and unoffical power rating (1500V wagon electricity counted too) of about 5000 kW. Electric supply is 25 kV 50 Hz ac overhead wire. Traction motors are 4 DC /820 kW/motor (offical), controlled by Strömberg-manufactured (former Finnish company, nowadays part of ABB) thyristor power rectifier drive. It was ordered from USSR, mainly because of political reasons. It is manufactured in Novochserkassk Electric Locomotive Works, former USSR. First locomotives were delivered on year 1973. Last production model from factory was delivered on 1985. Two additional locomotives were built at the Hyvinkää Machine Workshop in 1993 and 1995, number 3111 from spare parts and number 3112 from the original prototype locomotive (number 3000) that was never used. The locomotives originally carried a dark red livery, with white stripes around and below the cab windows. The stripes were later replaced with yellow warning panels (resembling stylished wings) below the cab windows. From the early 1990s onwards this livery has been replaced by a white livery with red stripes. The nicknames for these locomotives are "Siperian susi" (Wolf of Siberia; it comes from the typical sound of Sr1, when it passes you can heard the "wolf crying" ; in Finnish slang "susi" can also mean a poorly manufactured object. Two Sr1 class locomotives have been damaged beoynd repair, number 3048 in an accident in Jokela in 1996 and number 3089 in an accident in Jyväskylä in 1998. There is a total 110 Sr1-class locomotives in service today. More information of locomotive: http://www.kotimaki.com/rautatie/rstock/sr1.shtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VR_Class_Sr1

Steam Coal Drag in Hinton, West Virginia
Chesapeake and Ohio HO model Railroad in Bay Area of California. This layout is based upon the prototype and the Main Yard is Hinton West Virginia. You will see a cola drag coming into Hinton Yard, a helper engine added to the end of train in front of caboose and then the train going up the hill to other end of layout. Steam engines use Tsunami sound decoders and Digital system is NCE. (I taped this at 320 with 15 FPS and will record it again at higher resolution someday)

EO Movie
Kiwirail's EO Electric locomotives were the life blood of the Midland line in the South Island hauling coal trains through the steep Otira tunnel. But they were removed from service and left in storage for 12 years. This is the story of their new life helping out the over stretched commuter rail system in Wellington in the North Island. Enjoy

Electric Locomotive 5100 kw Made in Romania
The Electric Locomotive MAde in Romania ASEA licent Product 5100kw

6120 HP INDIAN RAILWAYS WAP-7 3 phase electric locomotive amazing acceleration!!
Links to other videos of this train : High speed crossing with Chattisgarh express http://youtu.be/AyhiW_QT7rY Non stop through Habibganj Bhopal Mainline http://youtu.be/YAZNdbVasAg WAP7 LHB Hybrdi tears through Misrod at full speed http://youtu.be/xpEfYNamCgw Good show at Sukhi sewaniya Honking WAP7 http://youtu.be/ebgRe2i-FnI WAP-7 class of electric locomotives are currently the most powerful locos designed for hauling passenger trains,they are rated at 6120 HP ,though not the fastest loco of Indian Railways,it is still the future of electric locomotives in India and at present WAP-7 locos are used to haul prestigious Rajdhani trains and also many other trains which come under the superfast category . Seen here is AJNI WAP-7 30303 hauling 12541 Gorakhpur-Mumbai LTT Superfast which has a LHB Hybrid rake , the train had to stop at Habibganj and as soon as it got the green signal the powerful WAP-7 just pulled away with the 20 coaches as fast as possible.

Central Railway Ajni ( AJNI ) Electric Loco Shed's WAG9 31259 curves through the Misrod and heads north towards Bhopal . WAG9 class electric locomotives are currently the most powerful locos on Indian Railways and are primarily used for freight trains . WAG9 are 6120 HP 3 phase electric locomotives . It was hauling a fully loaded BOXNHL rake used for transportation of coal . Technical specifications of WAG9 Manufacturers ABB Swiss Locomotive Works, Chitranjan Locomotive Works Traction Motors ABB's 6FRA 6068 (850 kW, 2180V, 1283/2484 rpm, 270/310A. Weight 2100 kg) Axle-hung, nose-suspended. Gear Ratio 77:15 / 64:18 Transformer ABB's LOT 6500, 4x1450kVA. Power Drive Power converter from ABB, type UW-2423-2810 with SG 3000G X H24 GTO thyristors (D 921S45 T diodes), 14 thyristors per unit (two units). Line converter rated at 2 x 1269V @ 50 Hz, with DC link voltage of 2800V. Motor/drive converter rated at 2180V phase to phase, 971A output current per phase, motor frequency from 0 to 132 Hz. Hauling capacity 4250t Bogies Co-Co, Fabricated Flexicoil Mark IV bogies (Design later used for IORE and China Railways HXD3B; bogie wheelbase 1850mm + 1850mm Wheelbase 15700mm Unsprung mass per axle 3.984t Length over buffers 20562mm Length over headstocks 19280mm Body width 3152mmn loco weight 123t(wag 9), 135t(wag 9h) Cab length 2434mm Pantographs Two Secheron ES10 1Q3-2500. Pantograph locked down height 4525mm

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Leaving Stockton, Utah
May,2nd 2014 Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Leaving Stockton, Utah heading to Salt Lake City, UT "Heading Home from Covina, CA to Cheyenne, WY "

G-Scale Union Pacific GTEL8500 Gas-Turbine Locomotive First run Part 2
G-Scale Union Pacific GTEL8500 Gas-Turbine Locomotive First run

Русский Электровоз【Russian Electric Locomotive】Picture【HD720P】
. Music for:【YouTube:AudioSwap】Is not my music . Cautioned: This video prohibit commercial . Rail fans there is no distinction of nationality . Thank you for your watch & comments . YouTube @ vladimir2366fa .

G-Scale Union Pacific GTEL8500 Gas-Turbine Locomotive
Large Scale Union Pacific GTEL8500 Gas-Turbine Locomotive First run testing

AMTRAK .. New Haven,Ct 1981. New Electric Locomotives
When I returned a year later ,the GG 1's were gone. Only four E 8's and a couple of E 60's of the original group remained.Only five RS 3's were seen here in New Haven,Ct. on August 31,1981. The New Electrics were still being used as trailing units until being qualified and hadn't even got their first coat of dirt..

UP turbine at marty thingy's 2009
This is a latest video on Sept 26,2009 1:29 Scale UP Turbine at the North Table Creek Garden Railroad. Sorry this video cant seeing very welll and no sound

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