1981 vw rabbit caddy truck for sale on ebay.wmv

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Fast 82 VW Rabbit Pickup Turbo Deisel
This is the rabbit I currently have on listed on eBay. Engine custom built by us here at TJ customs performance shop. The turbo is a custom built GARRETT ball bearing that I had built to my specs.

5.4L VW caddy Functionality test- RWD
Here is a daytime, second installment for my 5.4l swapped 81 VW Caddy Rabbit. I fixed my no spark issue, but am having a rough idle/surging issue. I have to open the throttle and keep the revs high, or the truck will surge and die. At full throttle it seems to run great, but I need to figure out why it won't stay running. I'm thinking it may be the iac, a vacuum leak or possibly a injector or ignition timing problem. Any ideas please leave a comment. Follow the build in the Mk1 section of vwvortex or find me on the social networks under Draklore, or drakes-performance

MK1 Volkswagen Rabbit/ Rabbit Pickup/ Jetta Tuning
MK1 Rabbit, Caddy, Jetta Tuning Songs: With a Spirit - 009 sound system (Old music got disabled)

VW Rabbit Pickup Caddy
VW Rabbit Pickup Caddy---------for sale--------------- The video shows all.