69 Camaro 540 idle

69 Camaro with 540 Shafiroff Saturday night special idle

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69 Camaro 540 vs 66 Chevelle 427
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Shafiroff 540 Pump Gas . 1969 Camaro incar 1/8 mile at Edgewater raceway
Shafiroff 540 pump gas. 6.30 @ 106mph. 1.32 60'. 1969 Camaro 28x10.5 M/T 3400lbs. Jason Naegele

Shafiroff 598 1967 Chevelle
Shafiroff 598 1967 Chevelle 790 hp first start. tight fit we had to move the motor mounts back on the cross member so the oilpan would clear and so we would have enough room for the march front runner modified the firewall so the headers would clear.serious power though it was all worth it!!

Chevelle: New 540 Startup!!!
Chevelle: Fire Up of THE BEAST.