G55 powered by RENNtech

RENNtech G55, equipped with upgraded ECU, Carbon Fiber airbox, Long tube headers, Intercooler Pump upgrade, larger crankshaft pulley, 82mm throttlebody, and custom downpipes with 200 cell cats. This custom designed package boasts power output up to 603hp at the crank, and thanks to 4WD this makes for a truly remarkable driving experience.

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RENNtech G600 - Integrated Radar detector and Night vision
This video features an Escort 9500ci Passport Radar and Laser defense system as well as a Military spec Night vision camera, each custom integrated in a RENNtech G600. Both of these high-tech products are available for all G-wagons through RENNtech. Contact RENNtech today for more details. www.RENNtechmercedes.com

RENNtech AMG GT-S Downpipes
RENNtech AMG GT-S with upgraded ECU and Stainless Steel Downpipes with 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converters.

A.R.T. G streetline 6pipe exhaust system sound
Listen to the original A.R.T. G streetline 6pipe Exhaust system sound