BMW 535 TURBO E28 272km/h ATAMAH

BMW 535 turbo E28. Latvia, Riga.

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BMW E28 M535i Turbo, Flyby sound + acceleration
BMW E28 M535i turbo, running base Boost of 0,5bar building up to 0,7 bar at 6000RPM. Megasquirt MS3x standalone ECU, using LPG as primairy fuel and petrol for staged injection. turbo is a Holset HX50 with 60mm compressor, 72mm turbinewheel exducer and 22cm2 twin scroll turbine housing. 100% Homebuild setup. Target is about 500HP, at this movie around 300~350HP. Tuning is very conservative, could get more power out of the 0,7 bars of Boost @ 6000RPM primary by tuning the ignition, but the clutch having a hard time so that has to be replaced first. Also tuning the fuel in this movie, you can see the speedometer hesitating at some points

Bmw m535i turbo, 570whp @ 1.7bar
m106 turbomotor, autronic holser hx55 osv.. I slutet kastade nog topplockspackningen in!

Bmw M5 Turbo vs yamaha R1 Monster AG:s
Bmw M5 turbo Vs yamaha r1 186 Hk Visit us on Facebook AG:s i Norrköping AB!/pages/AGs-i-Norrk%C3%B6ping-AB/180500531972387

BMW 528 E28 turbo 60-230km/h @ 0.65bar
Stock BMW 2.8 straight six with 0.65bar of Boost