Super Geek SHO Dyno

The weekend after the install of the Eaton M90 and initial test runs, I put my car on the Dyno to work out some of the pinging and bugs, as well as get a baseline power curve. Here it is on the rollers, peaking at around 250 horsepower and torque to the front wheels.

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BaySHO Dyno Day March 20th 2004
An old video from the 2004 BaySHO Dyno day, at ATP turbo in Hayward. Obviously this is a Taurus SHO club, but a few others were allowed to join us. Everyone got three pulls.

SHO Movie
alittle bit of history and some good pics:)

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Turbo SHO takes on several worthy challengers
Toolman '90 SHO turbonetics 430WHP and 412FT-LBS Lightning 418WHP and 509FT-LBS C5 Corvette with LS6 conversion 450HP SHOMurph '92 SHO 3.0L Vortech 442WHP and 340FT-LBS Texantony '92 SHO 3.2L Vortech 430WHP and 350FT-LBS