BMW 335i JB4 Vs 2011 STI Cobb Protuned

Ran into this car is central Mexico and had some fun... I let the STI get the jump to allow for a better video... BMW 335 is a e92 Coupe 7AT JB4/G5 with BMS Backend Flash 3" Downpipes and DCI WW Meth kit w\ Boost juice Stock Exhaust and Stock Intercooler WRX STI Cobb ProTuned Downpipes, Exhaust, Open Dump Wastegate Intake, not sure about IC think its stock

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REMATCH RACE! 335i JB4 vs Tuned Subaru STI
Rematch race - the BMW and the Subaru STI, both cars received a bump in power following the last video. BMW is packing a full Exhaust including downpipe, chargepipe, intake and a stage 2 JB4 tune (map 2). Most of the Subaru mods are unknown besides the cobb tuning, full Exhaust, injectors, and e85. Both are on stock turbos and near 320-330whp.

335i Embarrassed By Stage 2 STI
Just a random night of cruising and doing pulls in victor's STI. We were seeing how much Boost he was peaking at in this 30 degree weather. Some guy in a 335i pulled up and wanted to run it in Mexico. He was so embarrassed, he didn't even go through the roundabout! He just made a U turn and left.

Evo x vs Bmw 335i

Bmw M3 vs 335 JB3
335 running map 5, no other mods.