Schumacher's team radio - Indianapolis 2005

Some team radio coversations between Schumacher and Chris Dyer. 2005 US Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher - USA 2005
Michael Schumacher expresses his feelings during the Post-Race Press Conference in the Media Center after the Indygate Controversy that was the 2005 United States Grand Prix held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 7 of the 10 teams running Michelin Tires at the time pulled out of the race before the start due to concern of driver safety in regards to serious degradation in the Michelin tires. All rights go to and Formula One Management.

The strangest start ever - Indianapolis 2005
2005 US Grand Prix. Only six cars start.

The drama of Ferrari Austria 2002 + Press Conference

Alonso: ''This is ridiculous''