Vintage: The Chevrolet Corvair | Drive it!

In 1959 the Corvair became the first rear-engine production car made in America - and Chevrolet's answer to the VW Bug. By American standards, the Corvair was very small (4.50 meters long) and unusually light (weighing around 11 hundred kilos). Drive it! discovered a number of specimens of what is a very rare American in Europe. More Information:

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Cyprus: How tax havens exist in the middle of Europe | Made in Germany
The outcry is great - Cyprus expects solidarity from fellow EU member states. At the same time, the country's banks are awash with foreign capital. Russians in particular have parked money in Cypriot banks. Cyprus is now considered a money launderers' paradise - and it's not the only country in Europe with that dubious reputation. More Information:

Surviving in Chaos - Family life in Cyprus | Made in Germany
Every day they hear more bad news - whether about savings, jobs or national bankruptcy. And their anger is growing - against Germany, the European Union and their own government. Cypriots feel they've been left in the lurch. Despite that, day-to-day life continues. Christian Uhlig accompanies a family through crisis-ridden Nicosia. More Information:

Consultants under Pressure, Part 2 | Made in Germany
They're young and ambitious and want to forge a career. But theoretical knowledge isn't enough for Milad, Johannes and Maria. They want hands-on experience. Even though they're still students at the University of Hanover, they're also working as management consultants. More Informations:

Cyprus and the Euro Crisis | Made in Germany
We discuss the issue with our studio guest, Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research. DW: Economists say that the Cypriot economy could contract by 10% or more in the years ahead. What do you think about that? More Information: