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AFE Powerstroke DPF Delete Exhaust w/ Aero Muffler - Part 1

Parley's Diesel Performance carries a full line of DPF-Delete, including like DPF-Delete Exhaust systems and DPF-Delete race tuners. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/afe http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/dpf-delete-and-egr-delete http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/dpf-delete-and-egr-delete/dpf-delete-tuners http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke


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AFE Powerstroke DPF Delete Exhaust w/ Aero Muffler - Part 2
Parley's Diesel Performance carries a full line of DPF-Delete products, including like DPF-Delete Exhaust systems and DPF-Delete race tuners. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/afe http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/dpf-delete-and-egr-del ete http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/dpf-delete-and-egr-del ete/dpf-delete-tuners http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke

MBRP Cummins Diesel Exhaust With An Aero Exhaust 4040XL Muffler
MBRP SLM, or Stainless Less Muffler, Exhaust systems are true straight-pipe systems built from mandrel-bent T409 stainless steel. We install this performance diesel Exhaust as well as an Aero Exhaust Turbine Muffler on a 2005 Dodge Ram with the 5.9L Cummins Engine. When paired, the MBRP SLM 4" Exhaust and the Aero Exhaust help you get the most out of your diesel. With more horsepower and torque and better gas mileage, as well as lower Exhaust gas temperatures and easy installation, these products make a world of difference for your diesel pickup. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/mbrp-slm-series-4-turbo-back-Exhaust-for-2004-5-2007-dodge-ram-5-9l-cummins-s 6126slm http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/aero-Exhaust-resonated-turbine-xl-series-performance- muffler-at4040xl http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/mbrp http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/aero-Exhaust

AFE DPF-Delete Race Pipe Install: 2008 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke
Parley's Diesel Performance carries a full line of DPF-Delete products, like DPF-Delete Race Pipe Exhaust kits from AFE in 409 stainless steel. Visit Parley's Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance parts needs. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/afe http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/Exhaust http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/dpf-delete-and-egr-del ete http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke

Grand Rock Exhaust Stacks: Chrome Truck Exhaust Stacks
Exhaust stacks are a style that is sweeping the nation. Chrome Exhaust stacks were once only popular on the East coast but they have found their way into the hearts of diesel performance enthusiasts on the West coast as well. Grand Rock Exhaust Stacks have been a trusted name in Exhaust systems for both big rig and medium and light duty applications for years. Visit Parleys Diesel Performance to custom order your Grand Rock Exhaust Stacks now! http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/diesel-Exhaust-stacks http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/grand-rock-Exhaust http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/dodge-cummins http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/gm-duramax

Aero Exhaust Diesel Performance Muffler
Parley's Diesel Performance shows off a prototype 5" turbo Back Exhaust system that they got from Aero Exhaust. Visit Parley's Diesel Performance for all your performance diesel Exhaust needs. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/aero-Exhaust-turbine-mufflers http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/aero-Exhaust http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/dodge-cummins http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/gm-duramax http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/volkswagen-tdi

Edge Insight CTS Monitor
The Edge Insight CTS Monitor is one of the most versatile tools available to diesel and other vehicle owners. It displays engine parameters, is a scan tool that reads and clears trouble codes, includes performance testing, and is a remarkable safety tool. We install one in a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine. We also install an optional Edge pyrometer to measure Exhaust gas temperatures. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/edge-insight-cts-monitor-8 3830 http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/edge-tuners/edge-ins ight-cs-and-cts-monitors http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/edge-tuners http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/gauges/digital-gauges

Pro-Line Produit de nettoyage pour filtres à particules de diesel de LIQUI MOLY
Le produit de nettoyage Pro-Line pour filtres à particules de diesel est un produit de nettoyage extrêmement efficace utilisé pour le nettoyage économique des filtres à particules de diesel de VP, sans devoir les démonter. Les saletés du filtre à particules de diesel sont dissoutes en peu de temps, ce qui permet d'éviter le remplacement onéreux, jusqu'ici nécessaire. Les véhicules parcourant essentiellement de courtes distances sont principalement concernés par le problème des filtres à particules de diesel engorgés ; c'est pourquoi, les intervalles de nettoyage au moyen de produit de nettoyage Pro-Line pour filtres à particules de diesel dépendent fortement de l'utilisation du véhicule. Un nettoyage régulier peut réduire les coûts d'exploitation.

6.4l DPF/CAT Delete
My 2008 F250 with Spartan 250 race tune and DPF/CAT Delete. 6" Stack kit will be in on friday will post vids after install.

Ford 6.4L DPF delete install DPF-R
How to install the Ford DPF-R delete test pipe. Provided by www.gearboxz.com

7.3 Powerstroke Hard Start Up and White Smoke Diagnostics
We had a customer bring in a 97 7.3 Powerstroke turbo Diesel saying it was really hard to start and smoked a lot of white smoke when it did finally start. This video will show some common causes of hard cold start and ways to diagnose the problem. Upon removing valve covers and listening to it run we determined the injectors O-rings weren't sealing properly, so we made this video to show you how to do an o-ring replacement for your injectors and how to remove and install the injectors. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment, and contact us at www.froggysdiesel.com or "like" us on facebook for our weekly product specials

Ford 6.4 EGR Delete Kit
BUY HERE: http://www.custom-diesel.com/ford-1/6-4-08-10/egr-dpf-deletes SUBSCRIBE FREE! http://bit.ly/dieselUSA Google+: http://bit.ly/CDIGooglePlusTN Facebook: http://bit.ly/CDIFacebookTN Custom Diesel has released its all new Ford 6.4 EGR Delete Kit, to completely remove your EGR valve and EGR Cooler. This video gives a brief overview of the components and why you should consider deleting your EGR system. You can find more information at http://bit.ly/1acqk00 EGR Delete Kit The EGR on a diesel engine can wreak havoc on your motor. EGR stands for Exhaust gas recirculation. Basically the EGR sends hot air along with soot back into the intake manifold and on into the cylinder head. The hot air decreases engine efficiency, therefore, lowering your vehicles miles per gallon. Soot buildup in the EGR is common and can dramatically decrease the longevity of one's engine over time. Emissions are controlled by the EGR valve by sending the Exhaust which has no oxygen back into the intake and cylinder head reducing combustion chamber temperatures. EGR delete kits are made to eliminate the use of engine coolant to cool the hot Exhaust as it returns back to the motor. Once the EGR is deleted engine coolant will be cooler because it doesn't have to cool Exhaust gases. All Exhaust will run through the turbo now. Eliminating the EGR will decrease chances of any blockages in the cooling system. Coolant is not blocked off it returns back to the motor and cools the engine like it was designed to. EGR delete pros • Lower coolant temps • Decreased chance of blockages in cooling system • Hot Exhaust not being returned to the intake manifold • Stops soot buildup • Coolant gets rerouted back to motor • Makes room for cleaner air hence improving power EGR delete cons • Some of the cons would be created by the oil cooler but they can be prevented by regular maintenance o Flush coolant o Change coolant filter o Some people install new oil coolers during EGR deletes to decrease chances of having a faulty cooler creating a leak

LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line cleaner for diesel particle filters
Pro-Line cleaner for diesel particle filters is a highly effective agent for the costsaving cleaning of installed diesel particle filters on commercial motor vehicles. Contamination in the diesel particle filter is dissolved quickly, making the previously required, cost-intensive replacement obsolete. Vehicles who drive short distances are mostly affected by blocked diesel particle filters, which means the cleaning intervals for using Pro-Line cleaner are strongly dependent on the vehicle use. Operating costs can be reduced through regular cleaning.

Ford F250 DPF Delete
2009 Ford F250 with a Diamond Eye full Exhaust system, running the H&S Mini Maxx. K&N full intake 37" Nitto MudGrapplers, 20" XD-Series revolvers, with a 6" BDS lift.

Banks iQ Monitor for 2009-2013 VW TDI's
We show you how to place a whole new world of information about your diesel right at your fingertips with the Banks iQ monitor for VW & Audi TDI's. The large 5 Inch color touch screen puts all the information you want to see right on your dashboard. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/banks-iq-for-2009-2012-vw- and-audi-2-dot-0l-and-3-dot-0l-tdi-61201 http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/banks/banks-iq-monit ors http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/banks http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/volkswagen-tdi

Brown's Diesel 1,110rwhp and FIRE!
We challenge Brown's Diesel to make more than 1,000rwhp with The Ace of Spades, their sand drag truck. Mods are a 13mm Columbus Diesel pump, 5x25 injectors by DonM, cam, 625 studs, a 76mm Garrett GTX4202, and BD Diesel Turbine Diverter Valve. Truck also has an external gate set at 50psi and Nitrous.

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