2007 TRIUMPH AMERICA 900 cc Horizontal Twin AMERICA 4,300 MILES

2007 Triumph America 4,300miles, $4,495. Very impressed first time I saw it. Very impressed first time I sat on it. Very impressed first time I started the 900 engine. Very impressed first time I drove it. The engine is very responsive. The after market BUB Exhaust sounds great! Added Harley Davidson chromed luggage rack. It gets compliments all the time because it is such a pretty bike! Posted here are dozens of photos and videos from the driver's seat and from the sidewalk of this Triumph America in action as it was being driven on the streets, Jacksonville FL. I bought this motorcycle at a dealer's only auction for resale. The insurance company settled with the previous owner and then put it up for sale in this insurance auction, thus it was issued a SALVAGE REBUILDABLE certificate of title. The bike has since been issued a REBUILT certificate of title after it was inspected and approved for street use by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida Department of Highway Safety, FL. The tank still has a golf ball sized dent on left side where handle bar hit it. 50% of insurance company's estmate of the damage was on after market items such as a windshield, passing lamps and floor boards, which were all removed. The other 50% was the dent in tank, 2 directionals, assembly that mounted the floorboards and a scrached front fender which have all been repaired or replaced. The rear passenger foot peg brackets were removed but come with the bike. Call Dennis @ 904-469-1221

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Triumph America
Triumph America with Epco stainless steel Exhaust.

Trooper Lu's Motorcycles Triumph America review
Gert an insight into the Triumph America. PLEASE NOTE** When we say Kayaba standard that is all cruisers. When we say rigid chasis we mean stablility through corners (little flex) not rigid fram

2007 Triumph America @iMotorsports 8929

Riding 02bigkevs Triumph America 865! My first time on a Cruiser.
**READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE WATCHING THIS VIDEO!!** I do a test ride of 02bigkevs Triumph America (Which is a bit naughty since I'm still on restrictions but theres no police here anyway haha) PS: Please excuse my poor pathetic ending to the video before the outro. Didn't put in the timeframe long enough on those clips and I really didn't want to render the video out again so sorry about that. I also apologise for saying some really stupid things that I really should never be saying in this video Such as ''It feels low'' ''Flickable'' ''Best Cruiser I've ridden'' and trying to compare the bike to my Current Bike and the Street Triple 660 calling it a ''whole new level of triumph'' and I do feel like a complete idiot for saying these things. Probably should have thought about it a bit more smarter than before... 02bigkev: https://www.youtube.com/user/02bigkev Outro Track: D-Block & S-te-Fan and Rebourne - Louder (Official Preview) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noaZH... -- Motorcycle: 2004 Honda CB250 Helmet: Nolan N86 Cameras: Gopro Hero 3+ Silver edition 1080p 60fps Gopro Hero 4 black edition 1080p 60fps Superview Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Titanfromhell Twitter: https://twitter.com/Titanfromhell Instagram: https://instagram.com/titanfromhell Snapchat: titanfromhell