Tribute, to ej1 civic coupes.

Heres my collection =] Tribute: The cleanest, and baddest ej1 civic coupes. enough said. -Let me know what you guys think??

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1995 Honda Civic Ex Video

DsDone Black Ej
bnuts Ej DsDone

East Coast Honda Meet Sun. 2011
4 out of 5 Fredericksburg VA.

EJ1 Tribute by Luke Steffy
A collection of photos from the web and my white EJ1 in the begining of it and at the end. some you have seen i am sure but i wanted to do my own. pretty basic. dont forget to talk shit haters! I own a 69 ChevySWB 454 hot rod, love it but I love my EJ1 a little bit more. People hate em and want to race em. I get more attention in my civic with people trying to race me then i do in my ground pounding truck.... Fuck Haters!! MOB WHAT YOU LOVE!