Porsche 944 turbo, race video

Porsche 944 turbo, race video

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Porsche 944 Turbo
1986 Porsche 944 turbo.

89 944 Turbo 3.0 Video
This is a new 3.0L motor. The video is shot running only 9psi of Boost for breakin. The car is using a turbonetics GTK 650 turbo and MANY other mods. We expect 500whp on 91 fuel with 16psi Boost once the motor is broken in and tuned. under 20psi.

Shark Probelauf Porsche 944 turbo test run 285 PS bhp
Was macht ein Porsche 944 turbo bei 5500rpm und 285 PS? What does your Porsche 944 turbo do at 5500rpm and 285 bhp?

Porsche 944 F2 and some 944 friends drift/burn
Here is a video taken last year of me and my friends;)