Lincoln Mark VIII Fan running with engine off

Running after shutting the engine off using dccontrol fan controller.

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PWM Electric Fan(s) Controller Demonstration
Controlling electric fans made easy! This patented PWM Fan Controller utilizes Pulse Width Modulation to constantly adjust electric fan speeds from 0-100%, maintaining the optimal engine operating temperature. With built-in soft start technology, current overload and overheating protection, Derale Performance has effectively introduced OEM reliability and function to the aftermarket. 65 Amp Multi-fan Capacity – Made in USA – US Patent 7006762 Specifications: Amp Rating: 65 amp Width: 3 1/2" Length: 4-7/16" Height: 1 3/4" Features: Pulse Width Modulation controls fan(s) speed from 0-100% Constantly adjusts fans speed to maintain the desired temperature Controls multiple electric fans up to 65 amp capacity Finned, aluminum housing Includes automatic resetting circuit breaker Air Conditioning overide circuit built-in

Mercedes cooling fan.avi
This is a bench test of a 2001 to 2005 Mercedes C-class radiator fan. It is a near drop-in swap for 26" Mopar radiators.

1979-2014 Mustang SR Performance 16" High Performance Slim Electric Radiator Fan w/ Shroud Review
Shop SR Performance High Slim Electric Radiator Fan: Subscribe for New Mustang & F-150 Videos Daily: The SR Performance 16 inch High Performance Electric Radiator fan will help to reduce any overheating in your Foxbody to late S197 Mustang. This fan is also ultra thin to keep from taking up too much space within your Mustang's engine bay. Functional Design. If you keep suffering overheating issues with your Mustang, or need to make extra room up front for big modifications like a turbo system, this SR Performance 16" High Performance Slim Electric Radiator Fan with Shroud is a good solution you should consider. This mod is especially helpful if you take your pony to the track, because it will keep the engine cool, even under extreme loads. The fan itself has 10 blades, versus the 9 or 6 you get in the stock setup, which helps direct more air toward the engine. This fan will fit in all 1979 to 2014 Ford Mustangs, no matter which engine it has, because it features a universal application. Durable Construction. The fan is electric and features one speed. The CFM is impressive at 1,850. An aluminum shroud is included, which is both lightweight and durable. Universal Fitment. You might need to make some slight modifications to get this fan to fit correctly in your pony, because it's a universal product, making it a moderately difficult job. Some people use mounting straps to get it on the radiator correctly, but how you go about it will depend on your exact setup. You also get to decide how the fan is wired, either spliced into an existing source, or with a dedicated switch. Plan on the installation job taking up to 2 hours of your time. Item #525039 MPN# 525039 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure to Follow AmericanMuscle for the latest Ford Mustang news, videos, pictures and content! SUBSCRIBE at Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: is your aftermarket Mustang authority! We carry a huge selection of aftermarket Ford Mustang performance parts and styling accessories. With free shipping within the United States and best price-matching and customer service in the industry, we have you covered for your latemodel 1979-2015 Ford Mustangs. Make sure to talk to one of our Mustang Experts if you have any questions or want help planning your Mustang project or Mustang build!

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6L engine with 87k miles.
Here and see it before we remove it from this 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII with a 4.6L engine, only 87,447 miles on it, sounds and runds great.