1967 Chevy Nova SS in Tangelo [NOS Equipped] (Start-Up + Rev Included)

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'67 Chevy Nova on e-Level | Miranda Built
Florida is on fire right now with hot hot builds rolling around. The beauty above is a very one of a kind 1967 Chevy Nova. Every square inch of this vehicle has been refreshed, replaced or reengineered by the magicians over at Miranda Built. When this Nova spools up its twin turbos and rockets off, you will be sad you didn’t get to appreciate all of the little details for longer. Not only is this classic beautiful, it is ludicrously fast as well. With an iLevel dedicated iPad in the dash you can choose how you cruise and rely on e-Level to flawlessly manage the air suspension. Let us know what you think of ridiculous builds like this and what you want to see next over on the AccuAir YouTube channel. As always, subscribe and stay tuned for more. Camera: Anthony Purcell Editor: Taylor Chase Music: bad†blood - slœ kill Web Site: http://www.accuair.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/accuair Follow Us On Instagram - @accuair http://www.instagram/accuair Follow us on Twitter - @accuair http://www.twitter.com/accuair

[RxSpeed] Hoonigan 1972 Chevrolet Napalm Nova
READ MORE: http://www.rxspeed.com/thelab/hoonigan-1972-chevrolet-napalm-nova The Hoonigan #NapalmNova joins the world of sinister Chevrolet Novas. With just 69 days to join the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour, the Hoonigans buckled down and installed a variety of custom parts including an Art Morrison Enterprises subframe, custom MagnaFlow Exhaust, Wilwood Disc Brakes and Sparco seats.

1967 Chevy Nova
1967 Chevy Nova

132467 / 1967 Chevy Nova SS
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/cb7j7fn The Chevy II, also known as the Nova, was intended to be an economy car. But you know those Chevy engineers wouldn't be so crazy as to design a car that couldn't accommodate the famous small-block V8. The proportions are tidy, and this is a small car, even by today's standards, but the look is traditional. In bright red, the two-door sedan body looks surprisingly sporty. The bodywork was done to a good standard, although I think as a sleeper, the intent was to duplicate a factory effort, so that means factory-appropriate gaps and panel fits. This one looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, and as any original L79 buyer can tell you, it's a thrilling thing to be the owner of a car like this. Cars like this are all about the hardware, and this one gets it exactly right. The engine uses a correct L79 block that was actually an over-the-counter item from the dealer. Date-coded 1967 heads match the intake and carburetor, and even the internals such as the pistons and solid lifter camshaft are OEM equipment. All together, it makes 350 Corvette-worthy horsepower, which transformed the flyweight Nova into a street brawler of epic proportions. You'll also note that the detailing under the hood is completely show-worthy, with bright Chevy Orange paint on the block and heads, chrome valve covers and air cleaner, and accurate decals proudly advertising this car's important statistics. Even the alternator is a correct L79 piece with the larger-diameter pulley designed to protect it from the high-RPM nature of the potent small block. The chassis is equally well finished, with squeaky-clean floors, bright plating on the hardware, and an off-road chambered Exhaust system that sounds amazing. The only transmission you wanted with your L79 was a Muncie M21 4-speed manual, which made the most of the small block's power curve. Out back, there's a 12-bolt rear axle, suggesting that this car was built for abuse. And there's just nothing better on a car like this than standard steel wheels with Firestone Deluxe Champion redlines. Inside, there's no arguing this Nova's intent. Original materials and stitching were used on the seats, the carpet is the correct weave, and the door panels match the paint almost perfectly. Center consoles add weight, so they passed on installing one, but the 4-speed still uses a Hurst shifter with white cue ball knob atop the Muncie. The gauges appear original, and there really isn't much to look at beyond the speedometer and fuel gauge—this is a car with a mission. Heck, there's not even a radio! In back, the trunk is nicely finished with a correct mat, matching spare tire, and complete jack assembly. There's no question that the L79 Nova was a weapon. Few cars of the time could match its combination of light weight, big power, and reasonable cost, but their low-key appearance probably hurt sales of the L79 as much as anything else. Still, this one stands as an icon which has to be one of the greatest street cars built during the muscle car era. Light, fast, and stealthy, this is one of the ultimate factory sleepers. Call today!